Dua Lipa Dances the Night Away in New “Don’t Start Now” Music Video

Closing one chapter and opening the next, the pop vocalist’s sophomore album is on the horizon.

Pop polymath Dua Lipa just released her disco-esque track “Don’t Start Now” and a night-on-the-town accompanying music video to debut the first sounds from her forthcoming sophomore album. Presenting the next chapter in her career, the Grammy award-winning artist faces emotional strife head-on and breaks free from lingering negativity in this dance-invoking new single, ultimately providing a jubilant aura for her second coming.    

“I chose to put this song out first so I could close one chapter of my life and start another,” Dua Lipa explained in a statement. “Into a new era with a new sound! It’s about moving on and not allowing anyone to get in the way of that. It also felt like a natural first song choice as I made it with the brilliant same crew I made ‘New Rules’ with.”

Welcoming this new beginning in the accompanying music video, Lipa, dressed in a strapped yellow top and blue jeans, exits a nightclub in the opening scene and aggressively shoves the camera on the sidewalk, sending the viewer into an immediate blackout before flashing back to five hours earlier in the night. Singing, “Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe,” the liberated starlet dances among friends in a bar and turns heads as she moves in simple harmony. “But look at where I ended up. I’m all good already,” Lipa continues. Regardless of who the life-of-the-party pop star is targeting with “Don’t Start Now”, she is certainly winning the breakup as she claims the spotlight on the dance floor and choreographically struts through the regal nightclub’s halls. Closing in a cumulative montage of scenes from the artist’s late-night endeavors, the music video showcases Lipa’s free spirit and elated independence. 

With an entire album on deck, this is only the first page of the fierce vocalist’s next chapter. Experience the beginning of Dua Lipa’s next journey in the “Don’t Start Now” music video below. 

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