Dua Lipa Fiercely Redefines Pop with Her New Album ‘Future Nostalgia’

The star’s highly anticipated sophomore album is filled to the brim with confidence, sonically charged sex, and game-changing composition.

On the heels of her meteoric success following the release of her debut album, Dua Lipa appeared on the coveted cover of V’s 2018 music issue telling her childhood idol Katy Perry in the interview, “I don’t ever want to feel accomplished, because there should always be something else to look forward to. I always want to be nervous and scared of my dreams, but at the same time, I want to be confident enough to go and get them.” Today, in a sort of full-circle moment, the superstar has come into her own with the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, Future Nostalgia – an epic body of work filled to the brim with fierce confidence, sonically charged sex, and game-changing composition.

Starting the album in high gear, “Don’t Start Now” transports us into Lipa’s discotheque framework of reviving oneself post heartbreak. And with the help of Ian Kirkpatrick’s incredible production, she invites us into a righteously communal state of orchestral ecstasy.

Leading us into a dynamically different dimension of pop, “Cool” injects a sway that is influenced by the all to well feeling sparked by spontaneous physical connection conjuring lyrics like, “I like us better when we’re intertwined / the way you touch me got me losing my senses / put your love with your lips on mine / you got me working up an appetite” followed with the satisfying and sweat-inducing anthems “Physical” and “Levitating.”

Escalating to astronomical pop heights, “Hallucinate” manifests itself as the earned climax of Future Nostalgia and is guaranteed to snatch the crown of nightlife culture and become the belle of every dance floor in New York City and beyond.

In finale, “Break My Heart” lyrically and sonically takes us back to the discotheque Lipa initially invited us to, while “Good In Bed” thrives as the singular jam track of the album and “Boys Will Be Boys” redefines the power of socially anthemic pop.

Every generation has consumed the pop created by its predecessors based on its ability to remain relevant, timeless, and the now overused term, iconic. The genius of Dua Lipa and her music lies in the genuine love she has for the most honest and empathic elements pop has to offer. She is fearlessly and undoubtedly on an entirely different level in the industry and is one of the most important musical movers and shakers of her generation. Future Nostalgia is a body of perfected pop and officially marks Dua Lipa as household name in music. Brava, Dua! V Love you!

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