Dune will be released in Theaters and on HBO Max: Here’s when!

Dune, the phenomenon of the past few months, is a mind-blowing film to be experienced at the theater – critics insist – but Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi opus is also about to be viewed at home soon.

Recently available on the big screen, Dune is already the biggest movie of the year.

Staging talented and successful actors, seducing for its attractive futuristic fiction and its perfect adaptation of the first part of the book, Dune is more than a movie: it’s a spectacle… which you can attend on your screen.

Denis Villeneuve’s movie will be available on HBO Max streaming platform as well as in theaters, announced Warner Bros a few hours ago.

Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, who did the buzz at each event with spectacular outfits, are once again under the spotlight with the announcement of the most awaited news.

Dune will officially be released in US theaters on October 22nd and will be premiered on HBO Max on October 21st. This new decision will enable the fans to watch the movie from their homes, as coronavirus took another turn in some countries of the world.

The largely positive and enthusiastic reviews at the Venice and New York film festivals have enabled the film to beat over $100 million at box offices across Europe and Asia.


Available at 6.P.M Eastern, you can now watch the trailer while waiting for it to be online.


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