E-commerce Specialist Barrett Shepherd on How He Balances Work with His Hectic Travel Schedule

E-commerce Specialist Barrett Shepherd on How He Balances Work with His Hectic Travel Schedule

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E-commerce Specialist Barrett Shepherd on How He Balances Work with His Hectic Travel Schedule

Work hard, travel often.

Work hard, travel often.

Text: Mansi Datta

I​t can be challenging to balance a hectic work and travel schedule, but the truth is with the right approach, it can be done. Travel is necessary for most entrepreneurs and business owners, whether it be work-related or for leisure. E-commerce specialist Barrett Shepherd has an immensely busy work schedule with frequent traveling for work. Barrett is passionate about traveling and understands what it is like to juggle the unique demands of running a business and his hectic travel schedule.

B​arrett is the founder and owner of Simpl Fulfillment, an e-commerce fulfillment company that helps brands outsource their shipping and operational needs. Based in Austin, TX, Barrett frequently travels on behalf of his seven-figure company while ensuring goals and day-to-day tasks are fulfilled. Barrett swears by a handful of travel and lifestyle tips to keep his life and business running smoothly while on the road.

1​. Prioritize what is urgent vs. what can wait.

"​It is so important to have a game plan when you land at a location so that you don't get sidetracked. While some things must be done in person or on location, others can be done remotely," says Barrett. Prioritizing your tasks and completing them on time is essential. Rather than being a multitasker, Barrett prefers to be a serial tasker.

2​. Fly business or first-class whenever possible.

"​Travel can be hard on the mind and body and when you need to travel extensively for work. Book or upgrade to business or first-class whenever you can," says Barrett. "This way, you know that you will have plenty of time and space to work or rest when you board. Time spent traveling becomes less exhausting and far more productive."

3​. Gain access to airport lounges.

Barrett often utilizes lounges at airports to quickly catch up on work, complete client calls, or keep a tab on things. Planning ahead and using your time effectively can lighten the load to a great extent. Airport lounges are equipped with several utilities that make working remotely that much easier.

4​. Utilize cloud-based storage.

"​Storing everything on a cloud-based storage platform means you can access your work from anywhere. Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have everything you need wherever you go," explains Barrett. Cloud-based apps, platforms, and software make working remotely a lot easier, with several utilities that allow you to communicate with your clients or team when you're on the move.

5​. Use flight time to catch up on sleep.

Barrett firmly believes that maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is essential. Irrespective of your means of transport, getting some sleep while you travel is a good idea. You wake up refreshed and can work more efficiently when you're well-rested. Barrett added, "You can't be an entrepreneurial success if you're half asleep. I make sure I'm well-rested at all times, and it helps me stay sharp while working."

J​et-setting has become the norm for Barrett, and he deals with it in an incredibly organized and efficient way. If you're not prepared, extensive travel and work can wear you down," explains Barrett. With so many demands on his time, Barrett has mastered the art of working on the go. Barrett makes sure that work remains in full force, while he continues to indulge in his passion for travel, be it work or otherwise.


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