Earth Day Focus: Animalia T-Shirts Helping Conserve Wildlife

Earth Day Focus: Animalia T-Shirts Helping Conserve Wildlife

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Earth Day Focus: Animalia T-Shirts Helping Conserve Wildlife

Text: Mayzie Hopkins

Just a little over a year ago, James Veraldi traveled to South-East Asia to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. Posting an Instagram photo that would make his followers wish they were there and then returning back to normality at home, like many of the people who go to do the same thing, wouldn't be Veraldi's outcome. It was this serendipitous trip that would lead to the founding of Animalia- a clothing company dedicated to raising money for animal conservation groups.

At the time of this writing falls on Earth Day, it's easy to focus solely on the impact humans are having on the world. And yet, environments are made up of more than land and plants and water- what about the living creatures that create the harmony that is made up of ecosystems? After relentlessly trying and seeing little engagement, Veraldi found that raising money for animal conservation was harder than it should have been. Which is when the idea to create simple, yet creative, T-Shirts to sell and use the profit to benefit multiple wildlife groups became Animalia.

The T-shirts are 100% recycled cotton, don't come in any plastic packaging and are all made in the US to reduce the unnecessarily strain on the environment that comes from transporting items. They're transparent about the cost to make the T-Shirts as well as where it goes, by publishing a yearly financial summary of the company. Each piece of clothing costs $49, which covers their donation to the groups, staff wages and manufacturing costs. That's all they need from buyers- or donators.

Click through below to see some of the designs and here to buy one. Do it for the elephants!

Credits: Images Courtesy of Animalia


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