Easter Sunday With Miley and V91

Featuring an interview and photography by Karl Lagerfeld, there’s no better way to spend this Easter than with V91 and it’s cover star Miley Cyrus.

Adorned with oversized rabbit ears as she hovers over a stash of stuffed animals, Miley Cyrus covered V91 with her trademark sense of spunk. At the time, Cyrus was getting ready to take over South America with the stadium tour of her psychedelic Younger Now album. Featuring an interview and photography by Karl Lagerfeld, there’s no better way to spend this Easter than with V91.

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In the year since she first graced the cover of V, Miley Cyrus, 21, has gone on to release a number one platinum-selling album, declare her former alter-ego deceased, ride a wrecked ball naked, writhe around in a risque MTV performance, and spark an international debate on the current state of pop. As her extravagant, psychedelic stadium tour gets ready to ignite the shores of South America, the multidimensional Miley speaks to Karl Lagerfeld about her motivations for being one of the most bewitching acts of the planet.

Karl Lagerfeld Your body is youth incarnate. I think, in fact, you are a very decent girl and well educated, you just like to provoke. What is more fun than to shock the bourgeois anyway?

Miley Cyrus Im pretty lighthearted. I was happy to hear you say that, because I know that Im not a pop pop dumb dumb. I know that Im not. Im a lot more than someone who just goes and shakes her ass onstage. If you ever listen to me speak, or watch me at more than just a VMA performance or video or anything like that … when you actually hear me outside of that character, theres a totally different side of me. You know, people are so afraid of sexuality and the way I do it, but I’m just joking in most ways, and in a kind of pop sense exploring what being sexual means. I don’t feel like I’m giving off the sex vibe. I’m not trying to be sexy, especially in that male-dominated-world kind of way. Its kind of just about being free. I think freedom is sexy. I think its really fun to shock people the other way. Even a lot of people on my Instagram... Ive been posting the art that I’ve been making for Jeremy Scotts upcoming fashion show [where I am designing pieces for the set], and they dont know what it’s for. So when I put it up, they say, Youre an idiot, thats the worst thing,and blah blah blah. Those arent the kind of people you want to have around you as friends and fans. I dont want to have too many negative people, not even in my fan base. I am a real believer in moojoo-goojoo vibes and people not sending bad vibes your way. In my life, no matter what the media tries to make it seem, my real life is so happy and so peaceful that those angry comments dont really ever affect me. I’m just so happy in my life and those people make me kind of sad because theres just so much anger. You cant even read the good comments on what your fans are trying to say because they’re so polluted by the dumb people that just want to be angry and anonymously abusive.

KL To me, youre never going to be vulgar. Who inspired you to behave this way? Is there an influence?

MC There wasnt really ever an influence. You know, I grew up around Dolly Parton a lot. She actually has a song, called Backwoods Barbie,” where she sings, Dont let these false eyelashes lead you to believe that / Im as shallow as I look cause I run true and deep.Its part of what makes her Dolly. I think you can put Dolly Parton and Barbie in the same category of iconic female perfection, in a weird way. Shes like my fairy godmother, but to the world shes the only country artist that looks like fucking Pamela Anderson. But even when she was younger she had the tits and she had the body, but her voice and what she was saying… She s so deep and has done so much for the world, and that was always a constant reminder to me of don’t listen to what people think just looking at you or judging you. She is someone that is obviously one of the most intelligent people. Shes almost 70 and you mention Dolly Parton to anyone, even a lO year-old, and they know who she is. I go play songs by the Beatles and people look at me like Huh? Ive never heard this song before in my life.I play Joleneand everybody sings along. My true core fans, theyve stayed with me from the beginning, and thats Dolly, too. She has fans that just love her and theyre so loyal. Its worth the abuse to have these core fans that just love you and respect you for not changing who you are.

KL If you didnt play the part of a scandalous girl, would you have the success that you have had today?

MC I know this sounds whack, but I dont think I would be a household name if things like the VMAs or the Annie Leibovitz cover for Vanity Fair when I was 15 didnt happen. I truly think that was part of the reason I was discussed in every house, because it was almost like, “Okay, are we gonna let them watch this stuff? Are we going to let them buy her music? Oh God, what are we going to do?Even when I was on Hannah Montana, shit was coming out all of the time. So it wasnt like all of a sudden I left Disney and became a wild child. Its like, did you guys forget about the 15 scandals that happened when I was on Disney? I was never pretending to be something else. My parents taught me to have a really good work ethic. So when I was there, I was on the companys time, I didn’t get fucked up. Every day that I went to set I’m sure people thought I was a fucking mess, but every day that I went to set I was so focused. Theres no way I could be fucked up and do that Bangerz tour. Its insane. Im obviously not that far-out.

KL Do you want to show the world that youve grown up, to forget that you were once a child star?

MC I’ve never felt the need to break away, because it just happened naturally. I didnt think, Lets make this transition. I just started doing it, and it kind of happened. I never felt like I needed to prove anything. I just felt like I needed to prove it to myself. Even in ways of, you know, theres good parts and theres bad parts. With the VMAs, people take it and they turn it, but that was just me showing how I was growing and maturing, and then I think doing things with Jeremy Scott, thats a whole other way.

KL Is that going to be announced beforehand?

MC I think theyre going to have to announce it a few days before, because I’m going to have to be there a few days before to set everything up. So Im sure people will start talking. Itll be good for me because its just something I need to do. One day I even tweeted, Dude I gotta start reading again because I just feel like Im a pop pop dumb.” I cannot be that. When someone asks me what I do, the depth of it cannot stop at I’m a pop star. That cannot be all I am at the end of my life. So I was like, “What do I want to be?Im an artist to the core. I used to paint as a kid and had all these paints in my garage. It started as a therapy with shit that happened with my dog and stuff thats going on. Its a time to sit outside with a blank piece of paper and make some thing beautiful. Thats honestly something I think Jeremy does a lot. Hes someone that I think is the perfect combo of kitschy and couture in a way, and what he does with that kind of kitschy-ness is something Im inspired by. I have a dress he made me that’s literally a sack of Cheetos and I love it. He never takes it too serious. And Carlyne too. When I did my first shoot with V, thats something that I learned from her. I was like, Fashion can be so much fun! Shell put me in socks that are Trash and Vaudeville or Pat Fields, but then with this fur Fendi bathing suit. I started to get it a little bit. I think that shows a lot in my life.

KL Is it easier to be a grown-up singer who provokes than it is to be a child star?

MC I definitely dont think its easier. I think it’s hard, and I dont think that because sex sells youll sell a million albums. Youve gotta have more than that. Its definitely easy to make a splash being a woman, and if you throw sex in there, it all of a sudden becomes a headline. But I always use the example of Elvis. Elvis was the one who brought sex into the culture anyway. It should really be equal, but I think as a woman it’s easier to make news if youre using sex within your content, but it doesnt necessarily make it easier. You go to an awards show and the only thing that gets picked up is what a girl does and wears anyways. It doesnt matter what it is, even if its the Grammys. Youre not going to flip through a tabloid magazine and see Josh Groban at the piano. Youre gonna see what Katy wore and what Rihanna didnt wear. Or what I did or didnt do. Its all that.

KL Could you have imagined when you were a kid that you would end up this way? If only you had known about this kind of thing!

MC Timing is everything. I think it can only be this way now because of my age. I feel like I did my time on the show of giving my fans what they wanted. I didnt get wild and not finish my show. I paid my dues, doing what I didnt necessarily want to do and love. So now I spend all of my time doing only what I want to do and love. Nothing else. I was in an industry that made a lot of money and now what I do is spend all that I make back into my show. It drives my team crazy. Were about to go to South America, and Im kind of a different person than I was on the first leg of the Bangerz tour, so I had to change a lot of it. Im in a totally different zone. I’m 21. I change drastically every two fucking months. Its been a year since we made this. I have to change some of it. Having money in my bank account isnt worth it to me. I want to know that instead of having money just sitting there-I want to just look at it. I want my fans to see it. I want to entertain them and have them enjoy it. Everything we make is so well made. We have so many amazing artists that work on it, like John Kricfalusi from The Ren & Stimpy Show. You know we actually have you in one of the pieces in one of the songs! In My Darlintheres a big Karl! I don t feel like a pop artist, because I dont really live that way. I think you can see a lot of that from my Instagram. Those faces I’m making, I’m joking, but people are like, “Oh my God, shes so high shes gonna die.I’m just making that face. I think its kind of funny to mess with people and rile them up, because I’m actually the most chill person and its funny to watch the world get out of their minds over things that are so irrelevant and dont matter. What I care about is being happy and being myself more than making money. And my true fans really know that. They can see it in my show.

KL Chanel and I are very happy to see you wearing the brand. Youre one of the few that buys the stuff... what are your favorite cities for shopping?

MC I love this question. I’m a little bit of a hoarder and I collect a lot of things, like food clocks, like funny, big, giant clown sunglasses, piggy banks. Chanel is really just a part of that collection, and it just happens to have more value in that way. I actually just love my stuff because its a part of my collection and the value of things dont really matter to me. I love my Chanel as much as I love my piggy banks. I just happen to be able to wear the Chanel stuff, which makes it great, because you can actually keep it forever.

KL Where do you put all of this?

MC I have a place in my room where all my Chanel is together. I’m also extremely obsessivecompulsive, so my entire closet is alphabetized by designer, because I’m really OCD. Its gnarly. Thats how I know my stuff. I dont go, Oh, my gray jacket! Its insanely organized within each designer. And my shelves… Ill actually send you a picture. Its kind of funny. Theyre just covered in piggy banks and giant sunglasses. Plus my gifts from fans. I love it because theyre such treasurable things. I make things, and the fact that my fans made these for me, I know how much time it takes. I know how excited you are to give what you make to the person you made it for. I cant throw it away.

KL Thats sweet. In a hypocritical world like ours, girls like you are very rare!

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