Eau de Winter: Our Fragrance Picks of the Season

Indulge in the aromas of winter.

The temperatures are dropping, and that means it’s time to bust out those goose down jackets, wooly socks, statement scarves, and most importantly, a warm and refreshing seasonal fragrance for the finishing touch. Although the holiday season has approached its end, winter is still in full swing. A satisfactory cold-month scent engraves itself into each cozy, knit sweater and lasts long into spring when the bulkier part of your closet makes it’s way back into storage. In preparation for the colder months to come, peruse our top picks for winter scents.

Cher Eau de Couture


Featuring vibrant notes of bergamot and neroli and intimate florals of jasmine and rose, this scent is just as captivating as its iconic inspiration.

Calvin Klein CK One Collector’s Edition 2019


This unisex fragrance boasts an aura of purity and sensuality, a perfect complement to a lavish winter night out. Reimagined for this holiday season, The iconic bottle features an all American quilt-inspired print, evoking the spirit of the brand.

Bottega Veneta Illusione for Her

If this stunning bottle wasn’t enough, Bottega Veneta’s latest floral aroma will instill a lasting confidence in each of its users.

Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Neroli

Working in harmony with several other editions of Chloé Atelier des Fleur, the Neroli scent ignites a powerful femininity with just one spray.

Tiffany & Co. Holiday Edition

Artisanally crafted, this Tiffany fragrance puts the noble iris at its core and exudes a fierce ambience of love.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige 

A fruity citrus scent with a wintertime feel, Tom Ford’s latest fragrance will surely keep you fresh through the cold.

Byredo Casablanca Lily

Mixing notes of plum and gardenia, Byredo’s Casablanca Lily is a unisex, floral, and aromatic masterpiece.

Byredo Sellier

But for those who prefer a more warm and smoky scent, Sellier is for you. Bringing in the spirit of an equestrian, with scents of tobacco leaves and a concentration of leather, this fragrance is for those who prefer a darker scent for the winter.


Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Italian Bergamot

Based on the citrus grown in Calabria, this fragrance captures the essence of the heritage behind the Italian brand.  With mixes of rosemary and vetiver, the fragrance is perfect for those who prefer a more masculine scent.

Régime Des Fleurs x Chloë Sevigny ‘Little Flower’

A collaboration with the film icon, Chloë Sevigny, leads to a truly unique scent that revolves around the essence of a rose with a combination of Sevigny’s favorite scents such as palo santo incense, honeysuckle, pomelo, and black tea.

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