Eckhaus Latta Introduces High-Fashion Ugg Mules

No, it’s not 2007. Yes, we’re pretty sure Uggs are cool again.

It’s a fond memory, thinking back to all the Ugg-boot-wearing girls traipsing around high schools in the mid 2000’s. The Australian-born comfy footwear brand just collaborated with some of the biggest in the high-fashion game, Eckhaus Latta.

Yesterday, at Eckhaus Latta’s Fall/Winter 2019 show that debuted at New York Fashion Week, the first glimpse of these sheepskin, high heel hybrids were presented in mostly neutral colors with pops of light blue, bright orange, and “absinthe green”, and a surprising touch: a square toe. Taking the amorphous, puffy shape of the original UGG boot, Eckhaus Latta subverted the footwear brand’s iconic structure. Designer Mike Eckhaus told i-D, “We got to play with them in this way where we made them blocky, and into heels.”

The show took place in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the perfect place for these mules with a curvy, slim wooden heel and decked out in fuzzy sheepskin and a style with an open toe. There’s also two unisex styles: a blocky boot and slides. The collection of shoes exudes a strangeness that feels familiar to the collective style of Bushwick, a neighborhood that houses a population of fledgeling creatives with diverse, idiosyncratic style.

And, of course, we can’t forget that Ugg isn’t a stranger to the runway. Remember the controversial thigh-high Y/Project Uggs? Tbh, we’re living for the quirky age of subversive high fashion.

These styles will be available for purchase in September, but for now, check them out below.

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