Eckhaus Latta's New Store is a Designer Polycule

Eckhaus Latta's New Store is a Designer Polycule


Eckhaus Latta's New Store is a Designer Polycule

The experimental brand has opened its first permanent New York location.

The experimental brand has opened its first permanent New York location.


Life imitates art in the case of Eckhaus Latta. This fall, the indie line’s Whitney exhibition “Possessed” featured shoppable clothes, a dressing room, and a video installation piping in live surveillance from the brand’s L.A. store. Just over a month after shuttering that elevated riff on a storefront, the 10-year-old brand has unveiled its first permanent New York brick-and-mortar.

Located on the second floor of a Chinatown mall, directly below the Manhattan Bridge, the space does not start where “Possessed” left off, say leasees Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. “We wanted the space to be kind of stark and carry the vibe of a business,” says Eckhaus. “I think the Whitney was an amazing project and we really adored it, but also like, ‘What happens if we [just] put the clothes in a room?’ What does that look like?” adds Latta, who is based in L.A.

While it may not set out to be conceptual, the venue does reflect a kind of designer’s polycule; nestled above the fluorescently lit ground level, the building’s open-plan second floor has lately become a hub of small-batch cultural outposts like James Veloria, purveyors of curated consignment, and 2 Bridges Music Arts.

At 300 square feet, the Eckhaus Latta space is compact and minimal, appointed with steel rods and evenly spaced hangers. But like the brand’s mold-breaking runway shows, it reflects an extended family of creators; alongside their pre-spring and fall/winter collections, Eckhaus and Latta have hung Come Tees by Sonya Cohen and patchworked tops by Sophie Andes Gascon, a former Eckhaus intern.

Despite the brand’s constant evolution, Eckhaus and Latta are, for now, ready to nest. While in-store programming, including workshops by Susan Cianciolo, are currently in the works, Eckhaus, who lives in the neighborhood, looks forward to making the space his own: “We want to roll [programming] out over time, and not be like, this is an [overly] curated thing with a constantly rotating roster.”

“It’s been a long time coming, because we’ve been working on [other projects] for so long,” echoes Latta. “I feel like, when I’m in town, I’m gonna be here a lot.”

Eckhaus Latta's New York location opens today at 75 East Broadway, Suite #206 (2nd Floor).

Eckhaus Latta New York store (photo: Thomas McCarty)


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