Eden Loweth Debuts Latest collection Art School AW21: Ascension

Eden Loweth showcases a collection that breaks barriers while showing the industry how it’s done

In Eden Loweth’s first full solo season, his collection Ascension is a dystopian view on the ART SCHOOL community, one’s place in the world, and relationships formed in these trying times. He has built up his team for a phenomenal cast, their most diverse to date. Constructed by Lucia Blayke and Emily Crooked of London Trans Pride, the cast included current competitors from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Bimini Bon-Boulash and A’Whora, having them emerge from literal darkness to display the inclusive collection.

Loweth’s use of the bias cut is to make their clothes tolerant and easy to wear for all bodies and genders. The collection also includes a new interpretation of Loweth’s signature drape dress, with some distressed dresses while others were distressed and structured at the same time. He introduced new tailored smock coats and dresses for all ages and their first bag, a genderless accessory in XL and mini iterations that comes in plush black, red, and white. A few pieces included fur while metal spikes were placed on some of the cast’s chests, as if growing out of them. The show then ended with Loweth walking in the last piece of his collection.

The show effortlessly presented itself as diverse and inclusive, markers of how real people, real voices can be represented in the industry, Loweth wrote in his press release. The collection proudly showcased beauty no matter what age, no matter what marks or body scars one might have, and no matter what gender one might be. The show was powerful, beautiful, and an example of others to follow. Loweth further wrote in his own words, “Ascension is designed to act as more than a collection of clothes. It is a message of hope. No matter how hard the challenges our community may face, we will emerge from the darkness. Together we will rise.”

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