Elizabeth Lake Packs Power And Enigma Behind Beauty

Elizabeth Lake Packs Power And Enigma Behind Beauty

Elizabeth Lake Packs Power And Enigma Behind Beauty

The burgeoning model reflects on the resurgence of a post-Covid world.

The burgeoning model reflects on the resurgence of a post-Covid world.

Text: Thomas Herd

From investors to business mergers and acquisitions, smart money always wants to hop on a moving train.

Not surprisingly, the same principle holds true for the talents that brands select to partner with or represent them.

That being said, it’s been doubly hard for talents in the entertainment world to create velocity in their lives during the pandemic.

Elizabeth Lake Styled By 100% Capri & Shot By @radiantchild

COVID-19 has shut down much of the film production, fashion modeling and theatrical industries bogging down their talent pools in thick quicksand. Which of course makes any outliers who pursued their vocations with fervor that much more impressive and that much more appealing to brands coming out of the shutdown.

A salient example of one such outlier who’s become a headliner in her industry post Covid can be found in emerging top model Elizabeth Lake of IMG Models New York.

While the vast majority of her peers were understandably rocked and halted by the emergence of the virus back in 2020, Elizabeth jumped directly from stints in Milan in Paris into a brand new life in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Rather than seeing the shutdown as an impasse, Elizabeth saw in the adversity the seed of an equivalent opportunity to make her life richer, multi-dimensional, and dynamic.

Throwing herself into the eye of the storm during Covid-19, Elizabeth set up a brand new life for herself working at a ski shop, throwing herself in a foreign world without visibility of how it might turn out, and chronicling her new life online to highlight the parallel dimension she had just entered into. Not surprisingly, her stint into the unknown made her more enigmatic and enviable to the outside world which just sat watching on waiting for the pandemic to subside.

Coming back from Covid, brands have picked up on this and have begun been able to see in Elizabeth an indefatigable life force that would pack magic, dynamism, and wonder behind a beautiful face.

It’s something that heroines of their ages- from Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelley had- and its spell never wears out or fatigues.

So it’s really been no surprise to see Elizabeth collecting campaign after campaign from major brands like Christian Louboutin, Maybelline, and 100% Capri, who have adroitly recognized and seized on what a compelling and dynamic persona Elizabeth projects.

They correctly realize that what makes beauty truly special is not so much its face value. That’s a dime a dozen. But, rather, what it packs behind it.

Well, Elizabeth Lake is that force today in the fashion world, and the moving train she’s on now is quickly becoming a golden ticket for many brands looking to hit the market hard in the wake of the pandemic.


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