Elohim Drops New Single “Good Day Bad Day”

The multi-talented artist produced and wrote her newest track that’s filled with optimism.

Elohim, the Los Angeles based artist, writer, and producer, released her latest single on Friday titled “Good Day Bad Day.” The song embodies the multiplicity of genres Elohim crosses over in her music, from electronic to alternative indie and pop, all accompanied by lyrics that brim with optimism.

“To be honest, it seems like the good days have been too few and far between lately,” the multi-talented Elohim said of her latest track, which she wrote and produced on her own. “But deep in my heart I know a good day is there running beside us in a parallel universe, and I wrote this song to help remind me that nothing is permanent and anything can happen.”

Listen to “Good Day Bad Day” down below, and stay tuned for more from Elohim as she also confirmed a new album is on it’s way.

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