Elton John Hosts a Living Room Benefit Concert with iHeartRadio

The legendary pop icon leads a highly-acclaimed roster of musicians in a digital serenade.

Last night, in an effort to keep morale high amidst the terrors of the coronavirus pandemic, Elton John hosted a virtual benefit concert to raise money for Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation. A one-hour evening soirée, the iHeart Living Room Concert for America featured intimate performances from Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey, and Tim McGraw. The star-studded roster submitted individuals videos of their at-home performances for fans’ viewing pleasure across the country, each of which will continue to stream on YouTube through Wednesday, April 1 at 10pm EST. 

Sir Elton John introduced the program from a comfortable sofa in what he claimed was his only home without a piano. The British pop genius used his son’s keyboard to play “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” before discussing the coronavirus’ threatening spread across the globe. 

“Not long ago, there was another infectious disease that was ignored,” said Sir Elton in opening the show. “Day in and day out, the disease got worse, because we did nothing. Too many forgot about compassion and decency, and so millions and millions of people perished from Aids. But this time, we aren’t going to let that happen. So, stay home for the ones you love.”

Watch Elton John host The iHeart Living Room Concert for America, below.

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