Emile Delam on Web 3 and Female Entrepreneurship

Emile Delam on Web 3 and Female Entrepreneurship

Emile Delam on Web 3 and Female Entrepreneurship

"Women are driven more than ever before as they are seeing Web 3 and novel technology as an ability to level up, become financially independent, and live the life they desire."

"Women are driven more than ever before as they are seeing Web 3 and novel technology as an ability to level up, become financially independent, and live the life they desire."

Emile Delam is an experienced entrepreneur, visionary investor, and thought leader in Web 3 Technology. Drawing on her authentic experience in a wide variety of industries, Delam is on a mission to educate and empower other women to take control of their destinies and achieve their dreams with her newest project Funicorns. We caught up with the Web 3 trailblazer in order to get her thoughts on the industry and her latest ventures. Please see the illuminating conversation below:

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Jordan Finkle: Emile, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. We would love to start our interview off with a few questions about you and your current ventures! How are you and what are some of the exciting things you are currently doing?

Emile Delam: Life couldn’t be more exciting at the moment! I truly feel blessed which is what constantly fuels my inspiration! I’m just coming off the back of NFTLA and again I’m left speechless with how many creators from all around the world came together to showcase and collaborate. The Web 3 space is blowing up and it feels good to be leading yet another cycle in this crypto industry.

J: Thank you! NFTLA sounds like a blast! Would you care to elaborate on your thoughts about the web 3 market, from cryptocurrency to NFTs?

E: The marketplace for all things Web 3 is not only growing exponentially, but it is also quickly beginning to showcase some very prominent projects. Having a strong marketplace allows communities anywhere in the world to participate and collaborate therefore fueling the demand and growth. I believe in a DOYR (do your own research) philosophy as this will ultimately allow you to hyper-focus on quality-driven projects as opposed to those with no clear solution or long-term value.

Seeing these markets grow with the support of communities across the globe is a sign of a healthy landscape. As I say to almost everyone I meet, ‘There is an NFT for everyone’ – meaning that each NFT has its own rights associated with it therefore allowing the holder to be an individual or a part of a collected group or society.

Whenever looking at interesting projects, you always have to consider what is your role, what will the project actually solve, is the project worth your time and money? Not every project is a good fit. It is important to note that whenever you invest in a project, you are not only investing your money and time, but you are also making a decision that can affect your lifestyle overall.

Let me set the NFT stage; when NFTs are freshly minted, the community gets exclusive access to gatherings, music events, DJ sets, secret locations, merchandise etc. It might sound like a cult – perhaps in some projects this very well might be the case – but all I can say, from personal experience, is to choose wisely as determining which NFT project to invest in may ultimately define the type of person you are or even show you the type of person you strive to be.

J: Very interesting! People would do well to remember what you say about choosing these projects wisely. How do you think this industry will continue to disrupt how we use the internet to communicate and make transactions over the next 5 to 10 years?

E: The Internet seems archaic to even talk about these days compared to Web 3 and NFTs. The wonderful thing about technology is that we are always looking for new angles to use these innovations in order to make the world a better and safer place. The wonderful thing now about having Web 3 and the Internet working hand in hand is that the average person has more opportunities to help each other, in a very social impact-driven manner.

We urgently need more people using this technology to pioneer impact and sustainability-driven initiatives and projects to shape the future of finance and humanity. The only way we will reach the rest of the world is by leveraging and integrating innovative technologies, which provide the layer for scalability.

J: Very enlightening! We are glad to see you are just as bullish on the novel technology as we are! We are also in agreement that the industry needs pioneers in order to drive sustainable and impact-driven projects forward. Could you please speak more about why Web 3 presents women with a great opportunity to jump into entrepreneurship and take control of their financial freedom?

E: Women have always had the ability to achieve more and be leaders. Unfortunately in previous generations, women were put in a box that didn’t allow them to be leaders or visionaries let alone entrepreneurs. With technology at the forefront, women have more tools at their disposal to help them actualize their potential. Now it is a matter of education; unfortunately, there is no real outlet for women at this point in time. This is why I am starting the Funicorns movement, to build and provide all the necessary tools girls will ever need to be successful

J: What an inspiring point of view! This is a very important mission. Would you be so kind as to continue speaking about your opinions on how and why it is important for women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in general (Web 3 as well as other industries)?

E: Life used to be filled with so many barriers and stigmas. Now, as many of these barriers have been overcome and these stigmas have mostly been disproven, women have it all – as women we are very smart, good-looking, and in most cases understand how to deliver. Women are driven more than ever before as they are seeing Web 3 and novel technology as an ability to level up, become financially independent, and live the life they desire.

J: Thank you! We are excited to see how women continue to make a name for themselves as Web 3 entrepreneurs. We are glad something like Funicorns is in the works to help educate and support these aspiring entrepreneurs. Do you have any parting thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

E: It has always been my dream to provide the guidance and support young girls need in order to be the future female leaders of tomorrow, Funicorns. Every girl deserves to hold the power of knowledge and strength in this life. There should be absolutely no barriers to entry for women, no matter what industry. The future of finance is not masculine nor feminine it’s community.


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