In a departure from Milan, Paris, or New York, this year Versace opted to show their Fall/Winter 2023 collection in sunny Los Angeles. Some of the world’s most famous faces were in attendance, with Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus making appearances, as well as supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Vittoria Ceretti, and Gigi Hadid walking the runway.

To join the flock of Versace devotees, Copenhagen-based creative Emili Sindlev made the trip to California. Known for her joyous, colorful approach to fashion (and her perfect curly hair), Sindlev fit perfectly into the purple scene.

Read on for Emili’s LA diary.

“Breakfast time! I arrived the night before the show due to a last-minute flight change, so I had time to get some sleep and join my friend Sarah Lysander for breakfast.”

“Hi, Sarah!”

“My look for the show. It’s giving Versace.”

“Insane view at the show location.”

“Front row situation with my friend Veronica.”

“Hi LA! I couldn’t get enough of this view.”

“Double bagging!”

“It’s giving Donatella. I was super stoked to meet the iconic Miley Cyrus at the show.”

“Dinner time. Continuing the purple theme for the after-show dinner.”

“Ready to dream journal with Versace now. See dreams!”

“Taco time. I went for lunch with my friend in Beverly Hills.”

“New friend! I was all about purple on this trip.”

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