Emilio Pucci Celebrates a Sunny Fall/Winter 2021 Season

Their new collection is an abundance of bright colors, swirling prints, and quilted fabrics

Several digital runway shows during the pandemic period have either embraced a darker, subdued style that allows the clothes to speak for themselves, or have gone all out in creating extravagant sets that pair well with the collections. Emilio Pucci decides to forgo both those notions for their Fall/Winter 2021 show, choosing a simple and bright backdrop to let their equally bright clothes pop.

The brand has gone for a resort winter that still stays in their lane of color palettes. Pinks, yellows, baby blues dominate the majority of the collection, with accents of red, green, and orange peeking through, all bathed in stark whites and a sea of 80s hairstyles.

Padded bodysuits, quilted jackets, fringed shirts, and sheer skirts make up for the major silhouettes in play, largely designed to prioritize comfort and texture. Head-to-toe design seems to be the key aspect of the show, with every model sporting a complete look, each item having been chosen cognizant of the other and with careful consideration.

Emilio Pucci’s signature use of patterns and designs are front and center, using archival patterns and a kaleidoscope of colors. They’ve been given room to breathe, however, by pairing intricately patterned items with solids or other vibrant elements that go together. Once again, you can tell that each ensemble has been created meticulously.

In a way, this collection isn’t a significant departure from the brand’s usual style. It warmly embraces their flair for patterns and graphic designs with a love for color and comfortable silhouettes. By that notion, Emilio Pucci’s style has never seen extremely sharp turns from their early beginnings with form-fitting ski suits. 

It’s really the context of it that always stands apart. Their designs have always remained distinctly their own, as influential as always. And in this season of more toned down runways that have embraced a quarantined lifestyle and are veering towards cleaner, more editorial looks, Emilio Pucci’s manages to remain, as they would best term it, a ray of sunshine, sunning the winter away. It’s the progression of their style and aesthetic in their own sphere of design, rather than simply conforming to changing notions of general fashion.

Check out Emilio Pucci’s Fall/Winter 2021 show below:

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