Emojis Get a Makeover

Apple unveils a new lineup of Emojis for World Emoji Day

Apple celebrated World Emoji Day on Friday by releasing a sneak peak of 13 new Emojis available to iPhone users this fall.

The lineup of new Emojis reference items from pop culture and symbols that give voice to underrepresented groups and cultures. Included in Apple’s latest Emoji makeover is a cup of bubble tea, a dodo bird, boomerang, ninja, lung and beaver. The transgednder symbol is also included in the new collection as well as piñata. 

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, took to Twitter to share updates to Apple’s Memoji feature —  Memoji allows users to create a customizable avatar to be used across Apple devices. The update to Memoji will now allow users to place face masks on their personal icon and select from a number of different hairstyles and headwear. 



Last year, Apple released a set of Emojis that promote inclusion. The “holding hand” Emoji was updated last year to not conform to any specific gender or skin tone. A whole host of Emojis released last year represented those with disabilities. These Emojis included a seeing eye dog and multiple prosthetic limbs. 

Apple’s new Emoji and Memoji features will be available to users running iOS 14 on their Apple devices this fall


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