Emporio Armani Channels the Inner Aviator at Milan Fashion Week

As the Armani man soars into the evening, a lavish display of dazzling crystals, sensuous velvets, and rustling silk blouses with lengthy scarf collars signifies his arrival from the twilight sky.

Landing into Emporio Armani’s highly stylized world of vestiary excellence, we are brought into an intimate presentation of its menswear fall/winter 2023 collection. Tension swarms within a close circle that seems to be drawing closer as fashion connoisseurs gather to see what Armani will dictate as the new wave of men’s fashion this season. With its instantly recognizable pilot logo projected to the epicenter of the runway, coordinates reveal themselves on a map as models begin to glide past attendees.

Emanating a stylistic nostalgia for a bygone era, the collection evokes the elegance of the 1930s aviator and his domain. Prince of Wales and Houndstooth checks are reimagined with a magnified look emblematic of the bold and adventurous spirit quintessential to the era.

As you may have guessed, Armani has instilled a rich variety of silhouettes in the collection. With trench coats, double-breasted pea coats, and blousons infiltrating the airwaves, the brand bestows a harmonious play of shape and volume this season. A dark, dusty blue jumpsuit wraps the body with a curvilinear silhouette as a plush oversized shearling collar accentuates the neck. At the same time, another model follows, sporting a coat wrapped up in Armani’s reborn Prince of Wales check. Aviator caps and pilot goggles frame their angular faces with a dapper charm that is beguiling yet removed.

Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Congruous with Giorgio Armani’s code of style, the collection includes a lavish variety of loose-fitting trousers that allow its wearers to assert a place for elegance in their daily endeavors. Trailing that same notion, the brand envisions sophistication through the lens of urban street style. Recontextualizing its contemporary spin on checks that epitomize the height of luxury, oversized T-shirts are made with the same wool as coats this season.

Within the vocabulary of Emporio Armani, rugged masculinity and gritty allure lay underscored. As such, harnesses can be spotted swiveling vintage-style bomber jackets. Undeniably, outerwear takes the forefront with striking creations, including a navy-blue jacket lined with white shearling, long tricot coats, burnt sienna puffer jackets with a cracked finish, and cardigans with matching gilets. Extravagant knitwear also richens the collection’s allure as lavish plum sweaters and cardigans decked out in the fashion house’s insignia offer its wearers a plush respite from the icy elements.

Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Employing footwear as an extension of the pilot, the acclaimed Italian brand offers boots and lace-ups with lofty soles in military green, black, navy blue, brown, and tan to cast its wearers’ mark wherever the adventure may be. Other noteworthy accessories include leather aviator caps, wool berets, reflective aviator glasses in gold and silver, and ruched leather gloves. Pebbled leather duffle and drawstring bags in variations of dusty blue, chocolate, sand, aubergine, black, and military green.

As the Armani man soars into the evening, a lavish display of dazzling crystals, sensuous velvets, and rustling silk blouses with lengthy scarf collars signifies his arrival from the twilight sky. A deep purple burns the sun’s final warmth as the vestiary pilot enters off-duty mode.

The metallic shimmer of hangars and aircraft informs the tone of its evening attire. Oil-slicked onyx pants paired with a glittering sleeveless vest and a cobalt blue evening jacket glisten, signifying a shift to a more vibrant take on nightlife attire at Emporio Armani.

Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Deviating from the contemporary and relaxed aesthetics of its spring/ summer 2023 collection, Emporio Armani embraces structure and antiquated allure. Within this season’s spectrum of rich colors in both vibrant and muted hues, the brand takes a lively approach to the cavalier in the autumnal context. Materializing the liberating spirit of adventure, Emporio Armani tears down the confines of a defining silhouette and color palette in men’s fashion to reveal a collection that embraces an eclectic range of modes of expression.

Deeply etched within the ethos of Emporio Armani is the desire for adventure. As the show comes full circle—quite literally—with models bordering the Emporio Armani globe, it is apparent the brand’s distinct youthful and casual approach to fashion has shifted to one of tradition and structured elegance.


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