Emporio Armani Dances For Sustainability

“I’m saying yes to recycling.”

Emporio Armani is taking yet another step towards sustainable fashion, this time to the beat of music. The brand partnered with HYPEBEAST to create a modern dance video in which models show up the brands latest collection: R-EA.

Dancers sway and turn, all while adorned in thick black clothing emblazoned with the words “I’m saying yes to recycling.” R-EA is made entirely from recovered and recycled material.

In between dancers’ elegant movements, the video cuts to the heavy churn of machinery, at one point embroidering, at another moment pounding a garment down. The collection was made using what the brand calls “innovative production methods [to] reduce water and energy consumption.” Each garment features a QR code that can be used to trace the clothing’s origin, along with extra details and content.

Items include padded boots, a pea coat, and sunglasses. Everything is black on black, save for bold white lettering. Originally unveiled during January’s fashion show, the collection is inspired by workwear pieces, lending to its structured silhouettes.

The capsule collection originally launched at HBX on Nov. 2, but is now available in Armani’s flagship stores and on their website. Prices range from just over $100 for accessories, to nearly $2000 for some of the more heavy duty outerwear.

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