Emporio Armani Is Back In Milan

The Italian fashion brand is back where it should be and proving it with these looks

Scarlett reds, burnt oranges, pouffy floral silk jackets, short skirts, and berets. In theory, this all sounds like a much-too extravagant concoction for a ready to wear collection. But Armani reigned it in, with the faultless elegance his designs carry. The Emporio Armani show, held at the Teatro Armani in Milan, was the first back in its city for some time. It could have been the venue, it could have been the deliberate use of an autumnal palette that wasn’t in anyway clichĂ©, but it was probably the feeling of coming back home after a while to be filled with a sense of belonging and certainty that made this show what it was.

Armani elaborated this feeling with hints of classic nineties mini hemlines, sporty whites and see-through shades. The EA logo was proudly plastered across sweaters and headwear like a symbolic flag. As for the reds, seen sprinkled throughout the collection on the inside of A-line jackets, accessories and lipstick, there was a sense of prudence when building up to the burst of eveningwear. Before that, Armani seemed to have played it cool, which would have been satisfactory alone. That is, until seeing playsuits with leather belts around the waist, micro purses, feathered gowns split down the middle at the front, metallic shorts, and boots that never ended- all of which were scorching red.

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