Emporio Armani Is ‘Building Dialogues’ For Spring/Summer 2021

Nothing Can Stop The Future. Nothing Can Stop Us If We Stand Together.

Emporio Armani’s Spring/Summer 2021 moto is: Nothing Can Stop The Future. Nothing Can Stop Us If We Stand Together. Internalizing this, not only has Mr. Armani conquered the digital fashion show landscape that 2020 has consequently presented for designers but, has approached this alternative format with grace and creativity — dreaming up an interesting 3-part experience to get people talking. 

Part 01: The Video

Upon entering the site, guests are required to either turn up the volume or put on a headset. Once doing so, robotic and repetitive music will carry you to the imaginary city the luxury brand has created. The groups of people  comprised of both dancers, models, and other creatives  move about in an orderly, alert but frenetic manner. Nothing like a typical straight runway walk. While following the movement, the Emporio Armani clothes blend perfectly into the utopian urban landscape. 

As the camera pans from look to look, a story is told with no words. But, emotions are felt by facial expression, and suspense is built through the beat of the music, shade and sunlight, and colorful orbs in the sky. The nearly 8-minute experience ends in a cliffhanger… just a sneak-peek into a longer 40-minute presentation, titled Timeless Thoughts, set to broadcast Saturday at 9:15 pm in the city of Milan. (Which translates to 3:15 pm, ET.) You can watch ‘Building Dialogues,’ where people, stories, talent, and vision intersect, below.

Part 02: The Interviews

Eleven of the cast members are also successful talents. Emporio Armani has also included quick 1-minute ‘Building Dialogues‘ interviews in addition to the main video. Interviewees DJ, Stylist, Designer, Sita Abellan, singer Nahaze, and the famous Les Twins dancers, as well as others, are posted on the official website. 1-on-1 these creatives are asked thought-provoking questions such as, “What advice are you glad you never accepted?” Or, “What do you believe your art can do to improve your generation?” These topics building at Emporio Armani’s overall theme, of ‘Building Dialogues.’ Not only do these conversations leave viewers with more insight into some of their favorite creatives, but help formulate answers of their own to perhaps, start conversations within their own worlds.

Part 03: The Looks

Last but not least, the Womenswear looks — which were presented in a noticeable order of color. The video started with shades of tans, nudes, progressed onto greys, light blues, pastel purples, teased us with all-white monochromatic looks, and eventually concluded with black. Out of the total of 71 looks, wide belted strapless dresses, oversized trenches, skirts, and sporty separates were obvious on the runway. With a closer look, one can enjoy the use of soft patterned silk and layered organza. For closer details, you must visit the experience yourself, by clicking here.

Enjoy some of V’s favorite looks, below. 

Courtesy of Emporio Armani.
Courtesy of Emporio Armani.
Courtesy of Emporio Armani.
Courtesy of Emporio Armani.
Courtesy of Emporio Armani.
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