Emporio Armani Strips Back For Fall-Winter 2022

For Fall 2022, the Milan house defines their source of glamour.

In the coed presentation of Emporio Armani’s fall 2022 collection, Giorgio Armani intends to strip back the notion of glamour. Taking away the allure and sensual aspects, he intends to leave charm, a sort of magnetism that is charged by honing in on contrasts. For Armani, womenswear manifested through bright colors, largely focusing on pinks, purples, and greens, in addition to the contrast of grey.

It is difficult to point out an era that has influenced the collection the most, unlike menswear. There’s an air of the ‘20s, the ‘60s through plush candy, colored pants suits, and Sonny and Cher like ensembles through the pairing of an imperial military jacket with an assortment of colored bangles and wide-leg trousers.  While overwhelming due to having over 122 looks and slightly repetitive, Armani’s vision is still apparent: glamour does not have to be the priority, but the effort in your dress is always a necessity.


For the full collection, watch the video below: 

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