Endel Partners with Grimes for “AI Lullaby”

Yes, an AI Lullaby, you read that right.

2020 has been quite the challenging year, and we’d probably all like to take a nice long nap. Luckily, Endel can give you a hand, with a little help from Canadian musician Grimes. The tech company partnered with Grimes to drop “AI Lullaby,” a limited edition sound experience that’ll help lull you to sleep.

The AI Lullaby Experience

Grimes, as a musician and producer, has always been known for her eclectic sounds, often experimenting with dream pop and synth pop. Her “AI Lullaby” is no exception, using the same sounds and combining them with Endel’s tech. The experience is marketed as a “sleep soundscape,” that provides you with soothing music to help you sleep better.

The sounds are generated using Endel Pacific Technology, which adapts to the weather, location, and natural light exposure of the place where you’re listening from. The music and vocals featured are of Grimes herself. As a new mother, she uses this project to capitalize on that feeling.

AI Lullaby for iOS

“I think, if approached properly, AI has the ability to radically fix our world,” says Grimes. “I appreciate Endel because they represent the growing trend of humane technology. I hope that the fields of AI safety, research, philosophy, as well as humane AI and spiritual technology etc. can grow a lot in the coming years. We’ll need it!”

You can currently download “AI Lullaby” for iOS and macOS and it’ll be available on other platforms later this year. 

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