Enter the Arena With Pharrell’s Humanrace x Adidas Originals Samba Capsule


As the World Cup continues to eclipse the national consciousness, all eyes seem to be on soccer. When we’re not bidding a teary-eyed farewell to Canada or blasting the new Nicki Minaj anthem, though, we’re admiring the incredible athleticwear. Soccer is a visual feast, with printed uniforms and high-performance sneakers. Thus, the sport has made itself prime fodder for fashion designers across the country. An unexpected addition to the game, celebrity staple Pharrell Williams is the newest entrant into the world of high-end soccer styles. In collaboration with Adidas Originals, Pharrell’s brand Humanrace crafted a collection of sporty garments, each inspired by the Samba, the classic Adidas shoe that sparked much of the soccer-style craze. 

Courtesy of Humanrace x Adidas Originals
Courtesy of Humanrace x Adidas Originals

The collection itself features six items, each available in several colorways so consumers can best draft their team of purchases. Central is a reconstruction of the original Samba, using premium materials to create the sleek white PW x Adidas shoe. The sneaker retails for $120, and is the perfect addition to a sneaker-junkies collection of limited-edition shoes. 

Also featured in the collection is a variety of clothing options, each of which sporting emblazoned Adidas and Humanrace logos. The drop dabbles in knitwear, presenting a striped knit jersey ($120) and a monochrome knit long-sleeve jersey ($130). Also available is a pair of woven shorts, the collection’s most affordable offering at $80. Standing tall above the rest, though, is a Shell Jacket and Pants set. Calling back to those classic Adidas tracksuits, the shell set puts the Pharrell stamp of approval on a brand staple. While the jacket and pants retail independently for $150 and $120 a piece, it is the set together that makes the look. 

Courtesy of Humanrace x Adidas Originals
Image courtesy of Humanrace x Adidas Originals

Pharrell himself seems to be on a hot streak within the fashion industry. Whether it be his BBC ICECREAM x Todd James drop for Miami Art Basel or his redesigning of the Moncler Maya, Pharrell’s name is thoroughly featured in just about every corner of the modern fashion industry. This should come as no surprise, with Pharrell’s crucial role in the rise of streetwear. Still, if the past two weeks prove anything, it’s that Pharrell’s magnanimous power continues to hold strong.

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