Cartier is broadening its Pasha portfolio with the new Pasha Noir Absolu fragrance. With an intensified scent and a brand-new design, the scent takes things to the next level. Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent infuses the maison’s historic fougere with a powerful cloud of charcoal and spicy burnt sugars, artisanally diffusing their endless notes. 

The classic Pasha bottle has been reimagined for Noir Absolu with a more sophisticated approach and a careful nod to sustainability. The bottle’s makeover prioritizes a lightweight feel, while minimizing any environmental impacts.  

Courtesy of Cartier

Entirely refillable, the Pasha bottle marks the beginning of a process initiated in 2021 with the Rivières de Cartier collection and intended to include all the Maison’s signature fragrances. The initiative hopes to reduce Cartier’s environmental footprint. From the weight of the glass – which has been reduced by nearly a quarter – to a 65% decrease in the use of plastic, and the adoption of a 80% recyclable aluminum bottle top, this redesign is committed to sustainability, without compromising classic elegance.

Pasha Noir Absolu is a bold olfactory statement with a depth of fragrance notes and a dramatic display. The new fragrance retails for $138 and is available on

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