Entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow’s International Mindset Sets Him One Step Ahead

From film to blockchain

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page,” once said Saint Augustine. For entrepreneur Zachary Swerdlow, those words could not ring more true, as his own international background and experience has helped him achieve major accomplishments throughout his time on this planet, with plenty more to come.

Hailing from Belgian, Israeli and Canadian descent, Swerdlow’s perfect melting pot of cultures has allowed the businessman to develop a global mentality from the genesis of his life. Going from his native Brussels, Belgium to study Financial Economics at City the University London in London, England, Swerdlow soon found himself across the pond and in Hollywood ready to take the film world by storm.

After a stint working in film financing and producing movies (including the hit film Not Another Celebrity Movie), Swerdlow then found himself in the United Arab Emirates, working for one of the royal families in corporate acquisitions. From his experience in the UAE and his Israeli roots, Swerdlow now added the Middle East to the United States and Europe of his list of personally conquered regions.

Swerdlow soon opened up a myriad of his own businesses using his international expertise acquired over the years, including acting as CEO of blockchain compliance solution Trusti, founding virtual private network FasterVPN, and ownership of adtech agency GeneralBoost, plus so much more. Gaining massive amounts of capital in the process, Swerdlow has since used his well-earned cash to travel to even more corners of the globe like Greece, St. Tropez, and Monaco and so much more, posting snaps from many of his trips across social media to the delight of his followers.

In Saint Augustine’s eyes, Swerdlow’s travels would make him one of the most well-read men on the planet — and the entrepreneur has a plethora of more pages in his own personal biography yet to be written.

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