Environmental Sustainability is the Next Frontier in the Luxury Sunglass Category

Just Human is taking sustainable sunnies to a whole new level, and you won’t even believe what they’re made from.

The emergence of a social trend that bridges the gap between conscious consumerism and conservation is reshaping the fashion industry as we know it. With brands like Just Human paving the way for sustainable fashion by making it feel chic and luxurious, there’s no turning back.

Just Human, a unisex sunglasses brand founded on a principle, not a product, is quickly gaining the likes of industry leaders. With brand partners Frida Aasen and Natalie Suarez sporting the sustainable designs, it’s only a matter of time before consumers start to recognize the importance of their environmental impact.

Just Human

Sustainability has swiftly become an urgent imperative for upscale labels as businesses seek opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations that will transcend to cognizant purchases. Just Human, who believes the future of fashion is based in functional and sustainable design, offers four designs made from reforested softwood trees, sand an minerals and they didn’t stop there. Their case is made from pineapple leaf fibers and their cleaning cloth from recycled water bottles.

Sixty six percent of global millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable, according to the State of Fashion 2018 report by the Business of Fashion & McKinsey. Brand partner and Victoria’s secret model, Aasen, who has chosen to use her platform to promote her philanthropic endeavors and help others, values living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, and that extends to the brands she chooses to wear.

“I try to be conscious of the brands I buy and not to spend too much on ‘fast fashion.’ I love the fact that Just Human sunglasses give part of their proceeds to a good cause and that they are unisex. This is important in 2019 and more brands should follow suit,” Aasen said.

Just Human

Just Human proves that sustainability does not have to supersede style and quality with their iconic styles and responsible materials. Suarez, who recently posted in Mexico sporting her Just Human shades hopes to make an impact in all that she does.

I really value high quality products like Just Human sunglasses. I value how things are made [and] where they’re made. I want to know the story and detail behind everything I wear because that’s what holds a special place in my heart. Having that connection. Just Human values quality production, and ethically made products. That makes me happy to wear them and support them, “Suarez said.

Just Human recently launched showrooms and you can find them IRL at Naked Retail at 224 Mulberry St in Nolita, NY, Atelier & Repairs at 710 Edinburgh Ave, Los Angeles, CA, Re:Store at 120 Maiden Lane San Francisco, and Leone Napoli at 686 St Clair Ave W. Toronto.

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