Ria Serebryakova Introduces 'Equipoise' A Solutions-Based Approach to Solving Global Environmental Problems

Ria Serebryakova Introduces 'Equipoise' A Solutions-Based Approach to Solving Global Environmental Problems


Ria Serebryakova Introduces 'Equipoise' A Solutions-Based Approach to Solving Global Environmental Problems

It’s no secret that we are facing numerous environmental crises. There are plenty of people talking about everything that is going wrong, yet far fewer are sharing solutions to the problems we face. Noteworthy Russian model, Ria Serebryakova decided to change that. Coming to New York and becoming a successful model was just the beginning for her. She has more recently become involved in making the world a better place. She launched an environmental project called Equipoise that has become a global movement focusing on solutions to solving global environmental problems.

Imagery courtesy of Alvaro Saavedra

By calling it Equipoise, Ria is bringing attention to the fact that it counterpoises fear with hope and encouragement. That is something that seems very necessary these days, where there is plenty of doom and gloom being shared about the looming environmental catastrophes that humanity faces.

What makes Equipoise special is the fact that it is aiming to change peoples' attitudes towards approaching the ecological problems we are facing as a collective. There is a growing number of scientists who are working on solutions. Even if the victories are small ones, they deserve to be celebrated nonetheless. At the very least, the problems become more tangible and can be more readily addressed. They can also pave the way to more effective and larger-scale solutions in the future. 

To get more specific about Equipoise, it is a project that consists of a series of interviews Ria has held with biologists coming from different fields, including Carlos M. Duarte, John McGeehan, and Vânia Pankievicz. The interviews focus on the research these scientists have done that can potentially solve some of the most prominent environmental problems of today. They involve major environmental issues like climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, nitrogen pollution, and others. By creating scientists and influencers collaborating, Equipoise is looking to start a new trend on social media focused on promoting solutions to environmental problems.

Given that Ria is a social media influencer herself, boasting nearly 300K followers(not necessary to mention) on Instagram, she has been leveraging her social media clout to advance the solutions she has showcased through Equipoise. It seems to be working, with other influencers also joining the movement and spreading the good word to their audiences. 

As Ria has been demonstrating through Equipoise, there are plenty of solutions that exist right now that can help solve the massive environmental problems we collectively face. There are more than enough solutions to feel hopeful about the future still being a bright one. It's easy to become anxious and afraid when the news is constantly focused on all of the bad things happening, while failing to shine a light on the solutions that have been developed. By empowering people and educating them about what leading scientists have come up with, Ria believes she can help advance these solutions forward.

Many brands are adopting sustainable practices. Small brands want to step up for a new future. Fashion giants are also getting into the game. For instance, Gucci started the Equilibrium program. Prada introduced its Re-Nylon collection and committed to using only recycled nylon by the end of 2021. Diesel launched its sustainability plan with Eco-Age. Finally, Stella McCartney has been creating sustainable luxury fashion for nearly two decades now.


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