Erdem Takes Inspiration From Cedric Morris for Spring/Summer 2023 Collection 

The relationship between a gardener, his art, and his lover come to life in a gorgeous display of clothing. 

For the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Erdem looks to artist and plantsmen Cedric Morris. Morris’ 16th century house in Benton End, Suffolk served as a place of refuge. It breathed life into his paintings, housed his collection of plants, and served as a school for other artists and writers. Morris lived in the house with his longtime partner Arthur Lee-Haines (Lett) from 1939 until his death. Erdem uses the house as the setting for their Spring/Summer 2023 Menswear collection. 

The collection aims to capture the mood Morris and Lett shared. Erdem uses Morris’ color palette from his various paintings and the still life portraits of his floral garden to create each garment. Summery silhouettes are designed with comfort and mobility in mind, making them perfect for days spent outdoors or in a studio. Colors and prints elevate each piece, adding a true artistic feel to collection’s overall look. 

The fashion of men in the 1940s is reimagined with a looser vision. Lightweight corduroy and linen suits allow for a kinder take on the fashion from the decade. Wide leg trousers and long shorts bring modern trends to the old style garments. Shirts have rounded edges to create a soft silhouette, while silk neckties are draped to one side for a casual appeal. A romantic appeal is seen throughout each piece, and combines formality and causality in a simplistic way. 

Key pieces of Lett’s signature style find their way into the collection. Cropped jackets and berets provide a personal and flamboyant charm. Blowsy bow ties, sequined trousers and suits provide an eccentric touch to the otherwise calm look that Erdem creates. The collection shows a progression throughout the day, as silk pyjamas are followed by mohair jumpers and linen trousers. 

Erdem pays homage to Morris’ extensive collection of irises by using their bold yolk yellow and deep purple coloring in the color palette. Paired with olive green and shades of blue, these colors find themselves in floral prints and embroidery. 

Erdem combines the spirit of an artist with the earthiness of a garden to create the perfect Morris inspired look. The muse of Benton End and the love shared between Morris, Lett, art, and the Earth are on proud display for Erdem Menswear Spring/Summer 2023. 


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