Ermenegildo Zegna (Re)tailors The Modern Man With FW21 Collection

In a film live-streamed from Milan Fashion Week, Zegna evokes adaptability and comfort with the Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

In a rare and poignant shard of time, the space to grow, to adapt, to restructure and rebuild widens, just a little bit—and from this space emerges Ermenegildo Zegna, evolving and progressing into the next moment in time with the Fall/Winter 2021 collection at Milan Fashion Week.

The (Re)set evokes the future during the present, an urban, sleek remark on man’s ability to adapt, embedding human life with the will to overcome barriers and push back boundaries. The collection, (Re)tailoring the Modern Man, does just that: it puts new emphases and functions to fabric, withdrawing limits and cultivating a line of garments that are contemporary and enigmatic, neutral in their hues but vividly alive in their style.

“We all are experiencing a new reality concerned with new needs, which lead us to previously unseen lifestyles and attitudes,” said Zegna Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori. “It is precisely at a time like this, when everything is under discussion, that we, at Zegna, have decided to (Re)set. We have looked at our roots to (Re)interpret our style codes and (Re)tailor the modern man. Outdoor and indoor come together and a new way of dressing takes hold, where comfort and style blend to create a new aesthetic.”

The collection is displayed in a pre-recorded show pulsing with energy at Milan Fashion Week, live-streamed today in a film exploring the indoors and outdoors of the city. Sharp and dramatic, the absence of a live show audience due to COVID-19 doesn’t take away from the immediacy and electricity of the collection, composed of sleek, modern silhouettes that move through the many avant-garde rooms and buildings of Milan to the pulsating, dark beat, creating a metropolitan atmosphere of voguish, ultramodern mystery.


Focal to the collection is a new generation of jersey fabrics, fluid and dynamic, playing on the adaptability of the modern man and the comfort necessary to achieve brilliance. Garments seamlessly merge the indoor space with the outdoor space, as seen in the show, which explores concrete jungles before moving into dimly lit interiors—a disco party in one room, a lone table in the next, all mingling, connected through stay-at-home shawl collars and belted robes de chambre, billowing track pants and cozy hand-cut jersey slippers.

Formality takes on a new tongue with reimagined archetypes, playing with materials to invent endless possibilities: a chore coat in cashmere is wrapped as a robe, walking a tightrope line between sport and splendor, while shirts are crafted of knitwear, sweaters of cashmere and leather, trousers and jackets of shearling and hybrid suits of double cashmere. Even briefcases are deconstructed, aligning with the fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle of business. 

Zegna presents the uniform of the modern man with the Winter 2021 collection; true to the self, made to be existed in as the world progresses onward. As life follows fiction, fiction follows life; an endless loop is created, one of the (Re)Set, one of Zegna’s (Re)tailored Modern Man.


View the Zegna Fall/Winter 2021 collection on their website.

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