ERROR NYC Collabs with Evan Tattoo and VHTS

Obsidian meets Jiu Jitsu meets tattoo art.

Three New York based brands — ERROR NYC, Evan Tattoo and VHTS — are combining forces to bring a collection inspired by Jiu Jitsu, obsidian and tattoo art. 

The collection is a melting pot of collaboration between ERROR NYC’s signature reversible wear, Evan Tattoo’s micro graphic style and VHTS’ classic Jiu Jitsu uniform. Kimonos, graphic tees and double layered shorts make up this capsule collection inspired by the color and precise feel of obsidian rock.

Evan Kim, founder of Evan Tattoo, headed the designs featured on graphic tee shirts and Jiu Jitsu uniforms in the collection. Kim’s micro graphic style, which features a minimalist design and thin ink line, have gained popularity around the world from figures like Luka Sabbat and Kai Gerber.

VHTS brought the precision, iridescence and color of obsidian rock to the collection as multiple items feature the rock’s soft dark grey look. The brand’s noted obsidian rock also influenced the collection from a theoretical standpoint as it requires the line’s creation to be intense and sharp.    

ERROR NYC’s promise to provide functional, stylish and reversible wear is achieved in the collection’s Jiu Jitsu Gi which consists of a two piece kimono and pants. Double layered shorts and a graphic tee shirt are also both grounded in ERROR NYC’s branding.

The collection will debut in September on ERROR NYC’s website. Pricing for each collection item ranges from $50 USD to $200 USD.


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