European civilization blossomed around the Mediterranean Sea. So too did the mastery of fine Western jewelry, with the legendary Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari leading the way since opening his eponymous craftsmanship brand in Rome, all the way back in 1884.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in pink gold with turquoise elements and 1 round brilliant cut diamonds, 7 pear rubellites, 58 buff-top sapphires, 21 marquise diamonds, 48 round brilliant cut diamonds and pavé set diamonds) 

Because Bulgari remains at the forefront of fine jewelers in the modern day, it’s often forgotten how deep the historical roots of its designs stretch into the rich and cultured Roman soil, nourished by the unparalleled Mediterranean landscape, rich with olives, grapes, citruses, and nuts.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in white gold set with 1 round brilliant cut diamond, 3 fancy step-cut green tourmalines, 1 fancy step-cut peridot, 1 fancy step-cut tanzanite, 1 fancy step-cut blue topaz, and 2 fancy step-cut aquamarines, 15 round step-cut paraiba tourmalines, 10 round step-cut aquamarines, 1 round brilliant-cut diamond and diamond pavé)

It thus felt important for V to photograph the new Bulgari Mediterranea high jewelry collection in Rome, allowing our magazine’s modern lens to capture the jewelry’s highly-established and long-standing history in a city that not only birthed the brand, but Western civilization as we know it.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in yellow gold set with turquoise elements, 3 cushion rubellites, 4 cushion amethysts, 9 pear aquamarines, 8 round brilliant-cut diamonds, and pavé-set diamonds)

The story of these pieces delves into Bulgari’s Roman past, with pieces inspired by the ancient Romans’ ambitiousness—architecture, art, agriculture—as well as bits and pieces of widespread mythology.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in pink gold with 1 antique cushion emerald, 10 emerald beads, 10 sapphires beads, 6 pink tourmaline beads, 107 buff-top emeralds, 40 buff-top sapphires, 81 fancy shape step-cut diamonds, 34 round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé-set diamonds)

At the same time, the jewelry’s inspiration is cross-pollinated with other influences from both the East and West, remaining focused on Rome but not restricted by it.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in pink gold with mother of pearl elements, 5 colored stones with 1 oval tanzanite, 1 pear shaped green tourmaline, 1 pear shaped aquamarine, 2 pear shaped citrines, 13 mandarin garnet beads, 8 peridot beads, 6 round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé-set diamonds) 

Lastly, the pieces took inspiration from the South of Italy, which of course remains an incredibly popular destination for Romans as well as individuals from around the world who travel there for the unforgettable vistas, welcoming turquoise waters, and beautifully textured landscapes.

Mediterranea high jewelry necklace BULGARI
(in platinum with 9 pear emeralds, 30 round emeralds, 62 pear diamonds, round brilliant-cut diamonds and pavé-set diamonds) 

This feature appears in the pages of V142: now available for purchase!

Photography Grégoire Alexandre

Photo assistant Elio Rosato

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