Less is more—mini is even better.

Etro, the Italian fashion house, has launched a miniature version of its most recent hit, the Vela bag. The sleek bag’s silhouette draws inspiration from the nautical world, mimicking how a sailboat cuts through the wind; the Mini Vela bag holds the same shape and exuberance as its counterpart. 

Courtesy of Etro

Distinctive paisley prints, bold patterns, and vibrant colors are all synonymous with the Etro brand. The company was founded in 1968 by Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro as a textile design company in Milan, Italy. Over time, Etro ventured into the world of fashion design. In 2022, Marco De Vincenzo joined the brand as its new creative director, and since he has put his own spin on the iconic paisley print, as well as, modernizing new collections, revolutionizing the brand’s identity while staying true to its heritage. 

Unlike anything the brand has done in past seasons, the Vela bag is free of prints or the studs and embellishments that have defined the brand’s accessories over the years, emphasizing the unique shape of the bag.

Courtesy of Etro

The Mini Vela’s novel V-shaped closure is finished off with a chain and an engraved medallion with Etro’s logo. The new leather bag comes in a pastel color palette, inspired by the Kidcore culture, with shades of pink, orange, sky blue, and lime green.

The Mini Vela Bag is available on etro.com beginning June 7th, 2023.

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