ETRO Launches New Sneaker in Honor of Mother Earth

ETRO, known for its eclectic and haute-bohemian style, is back with a new collection of chunky, eccentric and innovative designed sneakers.

While billionaires have started a race outer of space, ETRO is rethinking the new trend by focusing on the heartbeat of the Earth, to reconnect with nature and step up towards sustainability.

The multiple textures, diverse colors and exotic explosion of wild prints are developed through charming atmospheres to evoke Earth’s natural beats. Presented during the Men’s Fall-Winter 2021-2022 fashion show, the vibrant modern sneakers have a special name which combines rhythm and earth, to, step by step, be closer to nature.

The dynamic and unisex fashion pieces are made of a multitude of fabrics and materials enriched by the distinctive ETRO details to form an eye-catching graphical patchwork.

In mixing animals’ patterns with suede, paisley, jacquard and small printed fabric inserts, each sneaker’s models are embellished with details such as fringes, neon laces, zigzag stitching and the ETRO logo embroidery on the tongue.

In collaboration with the Italian company Vibram, one of the world leaders in footwear soles, ETRO developed rubber soles to enhance the shape of the sneakers and sublimate your quickdraw through dynamic anatomical lines.

Movement, freedom and passion are felt through the expressive campaign featuring five professional dancers at the center stage of a unique primitive remote landscape.

Realized by Mario Abadia and choreographed by the talented Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa of KOR’SIA, the campaign video of the collection is a wind of liberty and help to refocus on the priorities: comfortable, eco-friendly, and in harmony with our planet’s values.

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