Euphoria’s Makeup Artist, Donni Davy, is Launching Her Own Makeup Line

Copying makeup looks from Euphoria is about to get easier.

It feels like Euphoria has taken over every crevice of popular culture. But before we cared about Lexi’s play or developed a communal crush on Angus Cloud, the thing people talked about in relation to Euphoria was makeup.  

The woman behind the whimsical looks that inspired thousands of Pinterest boards and YouTube tutorials, Doniella (Donni) Davy, is branching out and creating her own makeup line. 

The Half Magic logo.

Half Magic Beauty, Davy’s side project throughout the filming of Euphoria’s season 2, will launch this May. The line will be released in partnership with A24 and the creators behind Euphoria.  

All signs point to the products being Cassie and Maddy approved. The site teases: “Follow your creativity down the rabbit hole and shape-shift into today’s version of you with Half Magic,” and seems like it will fulfill all of our “space-cowboy-glitter-queen-neon-boy-next-door” makeup fantasies.  

Davy has single-handedly changed the makeup game. Euphoria caused a shift in the way young people are using makeup, inspiring them to go bolder, brighter, and to add more glitter. In fact, Davy’s experimentations on set have often forced her to create new makeup products to achieve the looks that she’s going for. Seeing as, collectively, we are also going for those looks in copy-cat styles, it’s the perfect time for Davy to launch her brand full of the types of products she’s always needed but never had.

Davy’s makeup inspirations for season 2 of Euphoria.

Davy released Euphoria-based face stickers with beauty brand Face Lace in the past, but Half Magic will be her first full-scale beauty line. She told Allure that she sees Half Magic as mostly independent from Euphoria: “The makeup transcends the show. In its own way, it became its own entity.”  

Prior to Euphoria, Davy worked on the A24 film Moonlight, where she proved her skills as a makeup artist and helped create the aesthetic that Moonlight is known for.

You can join the list to get updates on Half Magic releases here.

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