Evan Mock, Alton Mason Tear It Up at Whitney Gala

New blood and American art converged at the annual Whitney Gala and Studio Party.

At the annual Whitney Gala and Studio Party, the institution’s spring open-house-slash-dance-party, certain images recur. Sure as gallery-roaming guests will find Alex Katz and Warhol upstairs, a new wave of young artists and art enthusiasts will be downstairs, swarmed around an it-girl-manned DJ booth. But those who ventured to the dance floor at the 2019 Studio Party last night may have witnessed a particularly compelling version of the latter tableau: recently befriended models-of-the-moment Alton Mason and Evan Mock dancing to the set of model/DJ Soo Joo Park. 

“We just met each other on a shoot we did in Barcelona,” Mock told us after adding to Mason’s already star-studded dance card. “[We exchanged] numbers within ten seconds; he’s one of those people you connect with instantly.” In addition to Ocean, Mock was flanked by notable friends last night, despite it being his second ever in New York. Fellow attendees ranged from honoree Michael Bloomberg to Kelela and Frank Ocean, whose January Instagram post featuring a pink-haired Mock fast-tracked the young skater to stardom.   

As sure-footed as he is on wheels, Mock allowed Mason to lead on the floor: “I am somewhat [coordinated] but when you’re dancing next to Alton, you feel like you’re learning how to walk,” he said. Spurred by a room of titanic onlookers, not to mention his 22nd birthday the day before, Mock’s effort embodied the night’s spirit of potential: “I feel like this year, and especially this summer, it’s gonna turn up for me, personally… And I can’t wait to make new best friends.”

But it also proved he knows just how to seize a moment: “I couldn’t have had a better birthday to kick off my first time in New York,” Mock added. “I love exactly where I’m at right now… It’s a vibe.”

See an exclusive peek at last night’s moves.

Evan Mock, Kelela, Mark Paul Deren and friends
Evan Mock, Kelela, Mark Paul Deren and friends
Evan Mock, Kelela, Mark Paul Deren and friends
Evan Mock, Kelela, Mark Paul Deren and friends
Jeanette Hayes, Jacolby Satterwhite, Leilah Weinraub and friend
Soo Joo Park
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