Even Your Social Media Wants YOU to Vote

Several social media apps have embarked on campaigns to get people to register to vote

With the national elections just around the corner, now is the time when everyone’s starting to get their affairs in order. And with National Voter Registration Day having just passed this past Tuesday, this is the week to do it. We want you to vote. But so does your social media.

Several prominent social media apps have launched election-related campaigns to encourage users to learn more about the upcoming elections. They’re also providing various helpful resources and allowing them to learn how to register. 

Facebook, for one, has an informational hub that provides users with all the information they need. The voting information center shows up at the top of your feeds and notifications, and can also be found when you use your search bar. The platform has also tapped celebrities like Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union, and others, to drive voters through their “Vote-A-Thon 2020” series of live-streamed info sessions.

Under the Facebook umbrella, Instagram also has a voting info hub for potential voters and other users. Both Facebook and Instagram also have voting and election related stickers available to use for stories. According to Facebook, 2.5 million people have registered to vote through Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Snapchat has also been using its voter registration tool to encourage people to get out there, having registered over 900,000 voters so far. New election-centered Snap Originals are also being released, and the platform has announced voter-centric PSAs and other programming involving celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Barack Obama.

Twitter continues to remain particularly active, creating a new “US Elections” tab on top of its Explore bar. The tab provides info regarding local candidates running in your area, news articles related to the election, and informational resources regarding registration and absentee balloting.

Twitter’s election hub

To learn more about the upcoming elections, check out our V is For Vote page.

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