The Plaza Hotel isn’t booked for just any collection, but Palomo Spain certainly gave the beauty of the ornate backdrop a run for its money. The sensuality of this collection is as jaw-dropping as it is exquisitely crafted.

Guests were seated in the Terrace room, decked out in big floral bouquets mixed with playful pinks and deep reds. Much like the collection, floral touches breathed life into the scenery and the pieces. With the thought to transport everyone out of New York, Lole y Manuel chants played as models walked in reference to Palomo’s heritage and the collection’s inspiration.

BIMBA Y LOLA’s classic feminine detailing in accessories contrasts the “Palomo Boys” in what can only be described as a perfect unity in the newly debuted, collaborative capsule collection. The decadent looks were perfectly accessorized in this collaboration bringing the renowned feminine delicacy of the BIMBA Y LOLA updated “Tote Pocket Bag”, as the perfect touch to Palomo Spain’s collection.

Creative Director Alejandro Gómez Palomo is firmly established in menswear for the exquisite range of his genderless pieces. Palomo meets gender standards in a perfect middle that bridges masculinity and femininity into looks that blur the societal concepts into nothingness, only highlighting the enchanting allure of the exquisite pieces on the models. While we’ve seen many collections struggle to cohesively design provocative and sensual pieces for men that draw from more feminine designs and aesthetics, this collection’s tailoring and design not only highlight the beauty of the models but emanate a kind of confidence that makes every viewer feel at home in each piece.

The dichotomy of the pieces is attributed to Palomo’s inspiration: Iberian Folklore. Much of this is seen in the color palette that features black, white, and denim, with big and little pops of deep red. The essence of the house radiates in the avant-garde pieces crafted in knits, leathers, and sustainable triacetate fabric made from wood pulp.

“Humans have two sides, one more animalistic, blinded by carnal desire; and one more romantic, driven by nature and feminine sensuality. The constant battle of both conforms each individual’s personality.” The SS24 collection notes remark on the dichotomy of the human experience and the making of an individual’s personality to make room for both, “This obsessive coexistence between love and desire is further explored against Alejandro’s usual inspirational codes – historical references, Andalusian folklore, street culture, and naïve and youthful pop phenomena.” All this in an effort to draw attention to the way two opposing selves, almost in an “angel on one shoulder, devil on the other” way, can transform what Palomo refers to as “prohibited activity” into an introspective journey of the self in pursuit of true freedom, “unburdened by societal norms”.

This duality is shown in the contrast between structured, armor-like leather sets, and sheer corsets embroidered with a metallic floral pattern. On one end of the spectrum, big, ankle-length leather jackets, puffed out at the shoulders, were paired with chunky leather boots and a matching slouchy leather bag. Meanwhile, sheer dresses were layered with lacey tights, strappy heels, and light pink feather headpieces. Somewhere in the middle of these two ends, meets a sheer red floral bodysuit styled with red leather boots, topped off with a long leather jacket outlined with pops of bright red roses, and accessorized with a red rose headpiece tucked under the neck. Reflecting the true range and essence of this collection and Palomo’s work, no piece is too confined to one gender or one side, but a piece for every person, if they see themselves, mirrored in it.

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