Evolving Consumer Values Place INIKA Organic at the Spotlight of NYFW SS2020

Organic beauty brands have becomes the industry’s latest trend, and INIKA Organic is leading the pack.

As today’s conscious consumer increasingly seeks sustainable alternatives, the main concern is always that performance or quality will be somehow compromised.

In a robust display of strength at NYFW SS2020, sustainable leaders such as Australian Beauty Brand INIKA Organic and fashion house Jonathan Cohen have overturned that traditional narrative.

INIKA Organic- the only all-natural makeup brand at NY Fashion Week- was responsible for producing the runway show looks for both Jonathan Cohen and Chocheng, where model appearance and performance are paramount to market success for these labels.

Initially conceived in 2006 as a detox beauty routine, INIKA Organic began to distinguish itself on the international level by staying true to its wellness approach (attaining the credentials of Certified Organic, Certified Cruelty-free, Certified Vegan, Certified Halal, 100% nontoxic,100% recyclable) while also delivering peak quality ingredients which packed the performance of name luxury brands.

In recent years, their capabilities have expanded past just product performance to colorful style variations. As evidenced by the eye shadows and lipsticks on display at the Jonathan Cohen show, INIKA Organic can now fully compete across the full spectrum of trigger points that are key to the discriminating consumer.

INIKA Organic’s eclectic fusion of style, performance, and the ethical value was celebrated quite conspicuously at both the Jonathan Cohen and Chocheng Shows by a small army of the leading beauty and fashion influencers such as Natalie Off Duty, Charlotte Bridgeman, Lorena Haliti, and Lisa Cahue.


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