Calvin Klein is kicking off the season of Pride, with their newest launch, “Let It Out”—a campaign that champions the LGBTQIA+ community. Photographed by Karim Sadli, the campaign stars actors Amandla Stenberg and Brandon Flynn in the house’s new 2023 “This Is Love” collection. Aiming to capture the energy of the many multifaceted individuals who are part of the community, the campaign helps solidify the collection’s stance on being fluid and for all as the pieces can be styled any way, and on anyone,  as two limited-edition t-shirts were created in support of ILGA World and Transgender Law Center, with the phrases “Empower Each Other” and “Show Up For Trans Youth” reflecting the brand’s support in causes close to the community.

Brandon Flynn | Photographed by Karim Sadli (Courtesy of Calvin Klein)

Remaining with the brand’s year-round support of the queer community, Calvin Klein is proud to have committed over $220,000 USD to NGOs including PFLAG National, ILGA World, Transgender Law Center and more in 2023 to date, as well as Calvin Klein Australia and the PVH Foundation donated $55,000 USD to BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation this year. As support for the community goes deeper than financial donations, Calvin Klein recognizes this, partnering with trusted organizations to provide the Calvin Klein company and its many associate’s worldwide network of resources to further empower them to be better advocates and allies.

VMAN caught up with Flynn as the campaign makes its debut to the world to chat about all things Pride and how one can be their most authentic self.

VMAN: How did it feel when asked by Calvin Klein to be part of their new Pride 2023 campaign?

Brandon Flynn: The skies opened, doves soared through the rays of sunlight beaming down, trumpets played, and not one, not two, but three rainbows came into sight—it felt great!

VM: With the new collection, Calvin Klein has been committed to its year-round support of LGBTQIA+ organizations that serve the community. What are some ways people can continue to support and help the many individuals in our community throughout the month of Pride, beyond just donations? 

Brandon Flynn | Photographed by Karim Sadli (Courtesy of Calvin Klein)

BF: Honestly, donations are very important. Plenty of people in the community need help with food, housing, medical needs. Money does help. But to indulge in this question a little further, practice some kindness for things that don’t fit your worldview and stop voting for people with shitty politics. Chances are if they don’t care about us, they don’t care about you all that much. And then after you’ve done these things, then and only then…you can pray for us.

VM: What do you think helps you get in the right mainframe to be your most authentic self?

BF: Truly, I’m not sure. I don’t know if I can imply that one or even a couple things help me do this. I think I’m also still discovering “my authentic self”. I know it takes work, it takes asking myself how I want to show up, and sometimes I miss the mark and that’s cool, that’s more information guiding me away from my inauthenticity, I guess. Definitely, food and water; when I’m hungry, that person usually deserves a spanking.

VM: What do you have planned for the month of Pride? Any festivities/get-togethers you’re most excited about?

Brandon Flynn | Photographed by Karim Sadli (Courtesy of Calvin Klein)

BF: My sister’s heterosexual bachelorette party. Don’t worry, I told her it was homophobic planning—she’s aware. I’ll be in Manchester otherwise, which will be a first. They have a ton of drag bars so I’ll probably go live on that because DRAG IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

VM: What are some of your early memories with Pride? Any favorite moments you can share? 

BF: The one that happened during lockdown, I got to stay in bed with my dogs. Kidding. Every year is different you know, I’ve really enjoyed being sober for the last few. I know what clubs I’m dancing in now, and I retain most memories, the ones I want to keep.

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