Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photo Diary of Ingrid Andress’ “Feel Like This” Music Video

From Billboard top 10 to 3x Grammy nominee, country music maestro Ingrid Andress takes V behind the scenes through her latest video shoot.

What do you get when you replace a toxic former flame with a healthy new love? Well, if you are country music’s favorite singer/songwriter Ingrid Andress, you get the three-time Grammy-nominated album Lady Like, followed by her latest sophomore album Good Person – featuring the hit song “Feel Like This.” Set in the mood of groundedness yet ethereal, “Feel Like This” is a ultra-personal deep dive into the dichotomy between Ingrid’s past and her newfound relationship optimism. Pushing for bold, experimental sounds that blended banjos with vocoders, Andress swung from sweeping orchestration to spare, acoustic-based arrangements, delving into the innermost levels of her vocal range. 

With nearly one billion global streams and fans spanning the globe, it’s safe to say Andress’s words speak volumes. Seeking to unpack the complexities and consequences of self-growth and evolution, Good Person reveals itself as brave and life-affirming listen. That being said, in lieu of today’s release of the “Feel Like This” music video, Ingrid has invited V behind the scenes for an exclusive look from the video shoot, including multiple never before seen photos. Follow along with as she guides us through her up-close-and-personal photo diary.

Watch “Feel Like This” by Ingrid Andress

“This is the beginning of the video when I’m realizing I’m sharing a bed with someone who isn’t treating me well…it’s one of my favorite lyrics of any of my songs ‘It’s crazy how manipulation feels like a soft blanket holding you tight…’”

“I loved this simple, cozy look. Feels effortless and simple like the early stages of a relationship.”

“Something really funny must’ve been happening off camera.”

“This was one of my favorite looks of the whole shoot, because of the heart belt and the vintage tee. I loved the bitchy boots too.”

“I had never ridden a motorcycle until this shoot and it’s a whole vibe. I loved it.”   

“Trying to keep myself going in between takes with my favorite tequila.”

“We were trying to swing me on the swing, and I don’t think it was going well! Haha!”

“TBH I felt so awkward dancing, but it turned out so beautiful in the video.”

“This is my “bad boyfriend” taking some shit out on me. Acting in these scenes were actually really cool for me and something I hadn’t done before.”

“I think this is when my bad boyfriend drives away leaving me in tears…by the end of those scenes they were very real tears. Really cool to get into my acting feels.”

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