Exclusive: Black Marble’s Post-Punk Road Trip

Get an up-close glimpse inside the electronic troubadour’s fun-loving tour.

When his two-piece electro outfit Black Marble became a one-piece, Chris Stewart stayed the course; though a solo record by default, his acclaimed sophomore work It’s Immaterial proved him an assured one-man navigator in the vast post-punk, darkwave seas. Yet Stewart’s third record as Black Marble, October’s Bigger Than Life, somewhat paradoxically reflects a state of being powerless and adrift—specifically one Stewart encountered after moving to Los Angeles. 

But rather than serve as a parable for over-it New Yorkers dreaming of West Coast promises, Bigger Than Life is a peppy, metabolic post-mortem to Stewart’s cross-country migration, which rendered his car unusable, and Stewart dependent on bus transportation. In that altered state, Stewart discovered L.A. through an up-close-and-personal lens, which he channels on Life in characteristically moody yet energizing synths.

These days, Stewart is back on wheels, touring with the album and sharing a van with his openers, L.A. natives Automatic. Here, ahead of two New York dates this weekend, Stewart shares his tour diary. Shot by touring guitarist Phillip Holmes, the photos retrace Stewart’s recent migration—this time with more cool-looking people and roadside hijinks.

Chris Stewart This is my pie. It was purchased at a road-house in Northern Texas. There is a different bible verse printed on each one!

CS This is my emotional support bear. His name is Fassbender 

CS This is 89th, the venue we played in Oklahoma City. Left to right: Harrison, tour manager, Lola and Halle from Automatic, and me. 

CS This is Halle from Automatic. We were honky-tonkin’ in Nashville at this point after a show.

CS This is the face I make when I’m doing business. The cheeseburger is just to keep it casual.

CS We bought some Roman candles in Texas. After a show in Nashville we pulled off the road and shot these off.

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