Exclusive: Coach Kicks Off Pride Month With An All-Star Celebration At The Monster

Get an inside look at the VIP guests at one of Pride’s most memorable events.

With the arrival of Pride Month, there was simply no better way to ring in the next 30 days of love, visibility, and true acceptance than with Coach. Hosting a Pride party on Wednesday evening at beloved New York City hotspot The Monster, in collaboration with friends of Coach such as Saucy Santana, Benito Skinner, Joel Kim Booster, Linux, The Icon Meeka “Queen Mother Alpha Omega” and Sasha Calle, the fashion house’s new campaign “Go All Out For Pride” came to full fruition for a fête of fashion like no other.

“I’ve always believed fashion should be about community, and what better way to bring a community together than with a celebration at The Monster, a place that has created a feeling of home for so many,” says Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers, who is helping the community through The Coach Foundation, supporting the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the Point Foundation and CenterLink Community of LGBTQ Centers as part of its “Dream It Real” initiative to help the queer youth of America live authentically. “Celebrating Pride is also about inspiring us to express ourselves as we really are—it’s a tribute to spaces where we can be our real selves.”

With the party kicked into high gear by the sickening beats courtesy of Saucy Santana, Aquaria, and Oscar Nñ of Papi Juice, and that fateful little “Coach x The Monster’ neon sign that quite literally stole the show by setting herself on fire, making sure everyone had a *lit* time at the event, you would have seen guests such as Bowen Yang, Tommy Dorfman, Parker Kit Hill, Kimberly Drew, Richie Shazam, Justine Biticon, Leyna Bloom, Eli Brown, and more entering the doors of the memorable eveningand photographer Vincenzo Dimino was there to capture them all.

Below, check out exclusive snapshots of some of the VIPs that attended the soirée:

Saucy Santana
Joel Kim Booster
Tanner Reese
Jack Mizrahi
Leyna Bloom
Benny Drama
Bowen Yang
Bowen Yang + Matt Rogers
Alexander Roth
Eli Brown
Matt Rogers
Meeka Alpha Omega and Lola
Parker Kit Hill
Eric Sedeno
Alok V Menon
RIchie Shazam
Serena Tea
Stuart Vevers and Benjamin Seidler
Ty Sunderland
Eli Brown + Sasha Calle
Clara Perlmutter
Leiomy Maldonado
Kimberly Drew
Joel Kim Booster and Matt Rogers
Ian Bradley
CT Hedden
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