Exclusive: Gavin Leatherwood Gets Candid about Fashion, Music and More at Coach FW22 Show

VMAN’s Kevin Ponce goes backstage to get the low down on the actor and musician’s first fashion week experience ever.

It’s undeniable that Coach’s Fall 2022 show *might* have had the best guest list of all the New York Fashion Week shows. I mean, where else would you find Angus Cloud sharing his bag of hot Cheetos with Rina Sawayama and Tommy Dorfman? Among some of fashion, music, and film’s most elite, you would’ve seen Gavin Leatherwood—main cast member of Mindy Kaling’s “The Sex Lives of College Girls” series on HBO Max and recently made singer. Confessing to VMAN’s Kevin Ponce that this highly anticipated presentation was his first fashion show (ever!), Leatherwood let us into his mind a bit to dish on his experience at fashion week and what he has in store for 2022.

Discover our interview with the rising talent below, moments before the first model walked the runway!

VMAN: Well first of all, hello! Are you excited about the show?

Gavin Leatherwood: Yes! This is my first runway show ever. So I’m pretty amped and psyched to be here. I have no idea what to expect.

VM: It’s a fun one for sure! And of course, style is most important for fashion week–how would you define your style sensibility?

GL: Confused, most of the time.  I usually don’t know what my style is. I think if anything though, I admire a more classic look with a dash of Steve McQueen.

VM: Love that. Are you always looking to him for inspiration?

GL: Oh yeah, he’s the king of cool. Cool. You can’t repeat that, but you can emulate and admire it, and have respect for it.

VM: Since you’re still a newcomer to the New York scene, how does it differ from your hometown?

GL: I mean, I haven’t seen a single pair of sandals in New York City.

Gavin Leatherwood by Cooper Sebastian | Courtesy of Coach

VM: Out of all the places and things that the city has to offer, what’s been your favorite?

GL: Honestly, I love just walking and getting lost–that’s the best thing. I think everyone really loves that. The first thing I did last night when I got in was put in headphones and just get lost. The best thing I’ve seen so far on this trip specifically was this mattress with giant letters painted on it and it said “nothing mattress”–I think they were going for “nothing matters” and that’s how I read it at first. I thought it was lovely.

VM: Now tell me, what is it about the world of Coach that excites you?

GL: You know, I actually had breakfast this morning with Tan France and we were talking about Coach. Something he mentioned is that they provide high-end looking looks for people who can afford it, and I think that’s a lovely thing–they’re crushing it.

VM: You just released your debut single “Just For Tonight”, not too long ago. When can we get some new music?

GL: I actually have a new song coming out next month–It’s called “Be My Lover”. It’s fun, upbeat, you can dance to it. I’m excited for that, and then more on the way.

Gavin Leatherwood by Tyler Kohlhoff | Courtesy of Coach

VM:  Are we sensing an album anytime soon?

GL: I think there will be an EP coming out. What we’re looking to do is just release a few more singles, lay that ground and then we’ll move into an album situation.

VM: How do you find the process of making these singles? Are you having fun or is it stressful?

GL: Not stressful at all! I like acting as one thing and music is a whole other thing. It’s personal, it’s fun. It’s for me. I really just enjoy writing music, so it’s been lovely.

VM: Well, how did you get into the acting? How do music and acting coexist with each other in your life?

GL: I’ve been acting since I was four [when I first] was a kid in The Lollipop Guild from The Wizard of Oz and that was my start. I’d caught the bug early and realized it was something I could do forever and I’m just lucky enough to be doing it. [Music and acting] kind of have separate worlds entirely. The world of music is new and I’m still very green and learning what that looks like. Acting is my first love, my first nature so that’s what I gravitate towards.

VM: So for music, did you teach yourself or have a master musician guide you on the right path?

GL: I was that kid in musical theater class that avoided singing at all costs because it made me shake in the knees, to sing in front of people–frankly, it still does, but it’s your instrument and it’s so fun to play your instrument. I think the more you do anything, you’re going to get better at it. So that’s all I’m working to do–is just get better at it.

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