Exclusive: Get To Know The Artist Behind Celine Homme’s Latest Show Soundtrack

Exclusive: Get To Know The Artist Behind Celine Homme’s Latest Show Soundtrack

Exclusive: Get To Know The Artist Behind Celine Homme’s Latest Show Soundtrack

LA artist Izzy Camina gets candid about her childhood upbringing, musical influences, and Hedi Slimane.

LA artist Izzy Camina gets candid about her childhood upbringing, musical influences, and Hedi Slimane.

Text: Kevin Ponce

If you’ve seen CELINE HOMME’s latest show film titled “Cosmic Cruiser”, you’ll come to find yourself enamored by the dazzling ensembles and head bopping to the show’s soundtrack. The artist behind the dance-focused single is Izzy Camina. The Los Angeles born musician is one of music’s stars on the rise and now counts on Hedi Slimane, the Artistic, Creative and Image Director of the French maison, as one of her followers as Slimane exclusively tells V Magazine about how the collaboration came to be, saying “Izzy came to the south of France to work with me and score the soundtrack of ‘Cosmic Cruiser’ during the first week of the show. I was looking forward to working with her since I first heard her music. Izzy is such a strong talent and brought a lovely energy that was shown throughout the show.”

Get to know artist that's got the fashion world buzzing with our exclusive q+a below:

V Magazine: For our readers who might not know you (yet!), how would you introduce yourself and what you do?

Izzy Camina: My name is Izzy Camina! I’m a light-hearted person that subdues my inner turmoil with a laptop and microphone.

V: Could you tell us a bit about your upbringing?

IC: I was born in Los Angeles, spending my earliest years in Venice Beach, California. My mom made indie films and my dad owned a small band tee-shirt company. Because Venice was slightly dangerous at that time, they decided to move closer to my mother’s family in suburban Northern New Jersey, near New York City. This was a very stark contrast, negatively impacting my parents. I became a vessel for them to conduct their sorrow, and became a depressed and insular kid as a result. I wanted nothing more than to be from a normal suburban family, with a normal, structured suburban life, but we were so “weird” that I had friends whose parents refused to let them come to my house for playdates.

Izzy Camina | Photography by Hedi Slimane

V: Who were some musical influences that you were drawn to growing up?

IC: Because of my dad’s business, I was introduced to popular culture from a young age. His shirts showcased a lot of iconoclastic political figures and musicians, as well as some standard bands and artists, like the Velvet Underground and Jimi Hendrix. I was always fascinated with the Motorhead logo as a small child, and then when I was in 3rd grade I remember a Dead Kennedys poster in our living room of Jesus on a dollar bill-crucifix. Sonically, I really loved the sort of rave-y, turn-of-the-millennium music they’d play at the laser-tag arena. Like Sandstorm by Darude.

V: What did it feel like to be approached by Celine and Hedi about being a part of the recent show?

IC: It was very validating. I don’t find many people genuinely cool or interesting, myself especially, so to be approached by someone who I feel truly embodies both of those qualities was extremely uplifting. Authenticity has become an easy-replicated, manufactured trait, so to be recognized by the truly authentic is a great honor.

Izzy Camina | Photography by Hedi Slimane

V: Could you tell us a bit more about the track "UP N DOWN” and what inspired it?

IC: It’s just musing and rambling, a stream of consciousness after a long shift at my hospitality day job. I personally have a lot to say about each word and line, most of it free-styled, but it’s also nice to allow the listener to interpret it themselves.

V: How you would define your sound to be?

IC: Chaotic. Hard to define. I am innately drawn to anything visceral or instinctual, but that's not necessarily the music that I end up making. Some days I want to make Jungle music, and some days I want to play the banjo and listen to Bluegrass. I don’t say that to sound “quirky” or “unique”, I just think that there’s a lot to explore, and I don’t feel committed to any particular sound, trope, or experience.

Izzy Camina | Photography by Hedi Slimane

V: What can our readers expect from you and what should they look out for soon?

IC: I’m happy to say that I'll be releasing new music soon. Aside from “UP N DOWN”, the last EP was pretty vanilla. This time around, there will be less of me trying to explore the world of digestible music and self-commodification, less of me trying to find out what sound I should pursue, etc. I’m only interested in releasing honest, intense music that feels truthful, even if it means not being as commercially successful.

Discover Izzy's track in the CELINE HOMME SUMMER 22 "COSMIC CRUISER" show below!


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