Exclusive: Go Backstage with Saint Laurent

Exclusive: Go Backstage with Saint Laurent


Exclusive: Go Backstage with Saint Laurent

Photography: Schohaja

Text: Meena Jannah

This season, Saint Laurent brought back a sophisticated edge, focusing on a chic, minimalism that does not reminisce too much in nostalgia. Fall/Winter 2022 stays true to founder Yves Saint Laurent’s vision of using clothing to empower women, the devotion to timelessness is always a must. Anthony Vaccarello stays true to this sentiment, making a tribute to the femme of Paris, leaning into the perfect mix of oversized coats and cool leathers with airy bias-cut dresses. 

Vaccarello counters the trend of baring skin that has been seen as brands and houses showcase their work over the last month. Shoulders were slouched, hands in pockets of big-shouldered peacoats, wrists covered in stacked ivory bangles swayed almost aimlessly, showing that the garments were meant to be worn without effort. For a better look, V presents more details backstage. 

Explore each look below. 

Watch below to see the full collection

[embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELOW5lHywvI[/embed]


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