Exclusive: Ice Spice Talks Fashion Week and ‘Girly Vibes’ at Coach’s FW23 Show

Exclusive: Ice Spice Talks Fashion Week and ‘Girly Vibes’ at Coach’s FW23 Show

Exclusive: Ice Spice Talks Fashion Week and ‘Girly Vibes’ at Coach’s FW23 Show

The rising rap princess chats with V backstage after the runway show

The rising rap princess chats with V backstage after the runway show

Text: Kevin Ponce

Text: Cecilia Connelly

Since her iconic single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” broke the internet in 2022, the red-haired rapper Ice Spice has skyrocketed to success and amassed an army of dedicated fans online. In the midst of her New York Fashion Week debut, V’s Digital Editor, Kevin Ponce caught up with the 23-year-old Bronx-born rapper after the Coach show to chat about the beginnings of her journey into the fashion world, childhood memories of the classic brand in the early aughts, her plans for upcoming releases, and more. Read the full interview below.

Courtesy of Coach

V MAGAZINE: Hey Ice! Looking gorgeous–Is this your first show for Fashion Week?

Ice Spice: No, but it is my first fashion week ever! 

V: Oh my God. How are you feeling? 

IS: It’s so fun. I love it. I’m just so grateful to be here and like…serving looks. 

V: How’d you like the show? 

IS: I loved it. My favorite part was the little bags. The dinosaur, the star, the heart, the fish–I want the fish bag.

V: What are some of your earliest memories with Coach? Were you always sporting the brand when you were younger?

Ice Spice, Lil Nas X | Courtesy of Coach

IS: My mom always wore Coach while I was growing up, so it just feels very like comforting and familiar to me. It’s a classic brand. 

V: Do you or your mom have any of her Coach bags still? 

IS: Yeah she still has her old bags from like the early 2000s

V: The early aughts is really where it’s at.

IS: Exactly.

V: I want to talk a little about music because you just dropped the ‘Boys A Liar Part Two’ which is so cute–can we expect to see more releases this year?

Ice Spice | Courtesy of Coach

IS: Yes, I have new singles coming out this spring, new visuals on the way. But ‘Boys a Liar’ was so fun to do with Pink [Pantheress]. She’s such a sweetheart. 

V: Yeah, she’s so cute. You guys shot the video here in New York, right? 

IS: Yeah, we did. It was so fun. It was a little crazy, you know? There were like groups of people screaming at us and stuff while we were trying to shoot, but it was fun. I think that helped [set the vibe].  

V: I feel like you’re just getting bigger and bigger by the second. Besides the music, what else can we expect from you in the months to come? 

IS: Definitely need [magazine] covers. I’m just dipping my toes into the fashion world and slowly just getting more familiar. It’s my first fashion [anything], so I’m just gaining a little bit of experience, you know? Seeing styles and what I like to wear, so I definitely want to be in the fashion world at some point.

V: And it’s going to happen. You’re already here and already trying new looks. What’s your go-to style for day-to-day?

Ice Spice, Stuart Vevers | Courtesy of Coach

IS: I feel like no matter what I’m wearing, I’m still girly with it. So, even if it’s cozy and toned down, I still find a way to make it sexy or cute. I would just say girly vibes, bad bitch things. 

V: So now Fashion Week is just about to be over–what are you planning on doing for the week?

IS: Today I’m also going to the Laquan Smith show and also the after-party. It’s gonna be fun. I’m excited, and I’m performing. 

V: Well, I hope it’s not like the last performance [for Tia Adeola].

Saint Levant, Zoey Deutch, Raye, Ice Spice, Eric Nam | Courtesy of Coach

IS: Oh my God. You know what? That was so fun. It was just that everyone was so excited. I really love my supporters so much. The spice cabinet and my munchkins are the cutest ever. They’re really supportive. I love them down. 

V: No, they got you, for real. From the videos I saw and even the comments I was seeing, they were just like “No! Protect her at all costs.”

IS: *Laughs*I know, they are so protective. I love them!

Credits: All Imagery courtesy of Coach


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