Exclusive: Lily Collins Is The Face Of Cartier’s Clash [Un] Limited Collection

Exclusive: Lily Collins Is The Face Of Cartier’s Clash [Un] Limited Collection


Exclusive: Lily Collins Is The Face Of Cartier’s Clash [Un] Limited Collection

Embodying the creative duality of the new jewelry collection, the Hollywood actress brings an authentic and free-spirited touch to the latest chapter of the historic Maison.

Embodying the creative duality of the new jewelry collection, the Hollywood actress brings an authentic and free-spirited touch to the latest chapter of the historic Maison.

Styling: Kevin Ponce

Everlasting elegance, multifaceted beauty, and [un]limited creativity are just a few words to describe the historic house of Cartier. The same can be said for British-American actress Lily Collins. The next-gen icon and long-time friend of the french Maison has become the new face of the Cartier’s Clash [Un] Limited collection—a dazzling assemblage of piercingly divine studded pieces that evoke a rebellious spirit and a rock-n-roll approach to the modernity of jewelry in this day-in-age. As usual with Cartier, the unexpected is to be imagined as bold pieces including precious stones of diamonds, onyx, and amethyst are turned into voluminous baubles that see the codes of jewelry twisted in a playful yet refined manner—think amethyst-encrusted statement rings, reversed diamonds that transform a tennis bracelet into a studded masterpiece, and oversized white gold and onyx ring that turn ordinary fingers into claws. The eccentricity of punk aesthetics, paired with the versatility and refinement that Cartier is known for, embellishes the user in new spiky proportions and explores the limitless possibilities of the iconic house. Not one to shy away from breaking rules, the combination of Collins’ transformative persona and creative magnetism and Cartier’s unparalleled level of extreme craftsmanship fuses a new blend of bold beauty that showcases an explosion of luxurious craftsmanship and a re-thinking of what Cartier could look like.

Below, V’s Kevin Ponce spoke with Collins about the new partnership and discusses her connectivity with jewelry, what she finds exciting about the limited-edition collection, and what fans can expect of her in the next coming months!

V Magazine: So exciting that you’re part of the Cartier family now! Tell me a bit about your history with the Maison— are there any early memories of Cartier in your life that you can remember?

Lily Collins: When I was growing up, I remember my mom always wearing chunky men's watches from Cartier, and I just adored them so much. I thought they were the coolest thing and they just felt like part of her. When I turned 18, she got me a gold watch that she always had and said to me that it was going to be a part of my collection for life. So for me, Cartier has always been a part of my jewelry history, but also [through] fond memories of growing up. So to have it a part of my family, and then years later, to be a part of their family— it felt extra memorable and sentimental to me. It was just a total honor to be included in the family.

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier

V: That’s incredible! It’s so cool to see you fronting this collection—it’s so different for Cartier and completely unexpected. What do you think makes the lineup so special?

LC: What I love about this collection is that there's such a duality to it—it's masculine and feminine and it pushes boundaries, but it's still very true to who Cartier is. For me, no matter what job I do, whatever character I play, or what I learn about myself and new experiences I have with changes in my sense of style, I’m constantly evolving as a human, and for Cartier, it's a constant evolution in and of itself but yet always stays true to its core—I see that as a representation of myself as well. I felt the parallel between the house and myself so strongly when I was looking at this collection and in speaking to everyone at the house because they are a family—they're such nurturing and wonderful artists and I got to go to the atelier and really see [how Cartier] pieces are made.

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier

V: From seeing the collection beforehand, what are some of your favorite pieces that stood out to you?

LC: I love the ring that slides in between your fingers—that's so different from anything I've ever seen before! At first, I thought, ‘how does that stay on?’ And then you're like ‘Oh because it's perfectly molded and crossed into your fingers, Of course!’

V: (*laughs*) Who doesn't love a statement ring? Are there any similarities between the collection and your personality and sense of style?

LC: This collection is very bold and daring. It pushes boundaries and tries new ways to wear jewelry. For me, I like to think that the more I grow and evolve as a human, the more I try new things. I take the expected and try to make it a little bit unexpected. I try to be bolder with the choices I make, the things that I say, and the decisions that I make every day. It felt that there was this kind of relationship between the message of the collection and myself, where there's sentimentality and a symbolic value to each piece. For me, jewelry is a memory—whether it's my watch or my engagement ring, I think this collection is going to bring new memories when wearing it because it speaks a different language.

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier

V: Even with the boldness of the pieces, do you think that this collection is something that the user can wear every day?

LC: I think there aren't any rules anymore when it comes to jewelry. You can play it down and play it up however you want to. What's so amazing about the bracelet specifically in the collection is that you can wear it one way and then flip it over and have a totally different look. It can be black on one side and diamonds on the other. Just the duality of the collection and how you can wear it multiple different ways like that speaks to the many uses and ways in which you can wear it—you can even surprise yourself.

V: Exactly! For you personally, do you prefer something minimal and delicate or more bold and striking for your day-to-day pieces?

LC: I think I'm a little bit of both! [For my jewelry], I forget that I have it on and I just sleep with it, because it’s kind of part of me. I tend to go for more delicate and thin [pieces]. I have some memories associated with certain bracelets that I wear layered and earrings but I like to switch it up and go completely opposite and wear really chunky stuff. So I think that I'm a little bit of both.

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier

V: What kind of impact does jewelry have on your day-to-day? Do you think it plays a big role in how you get dressed and present yourself to the world?

LC: For me, it's an extension of who I am on the inside. I like the fact that I can travel and be in any outfit, but having my core pieces on me still makes me feel comfortable and safe. There's an element of familiarity about yourself when you have certain key pieces on. Like always having my engagement ring on and the watch that my mom gave me—it's a little reminder of memories of the important people in your life that you get to carry with you. I really love having memories associated with all of my pieces—it's a way to stay centered.

V: Being that you were born in England and raised in the US, what are some style differences and preferences that you've noticed and interpreted throughout your life?

LC: Growing up, my friends in the west always played around in layered vintage pieces because we'd go to the flea markets together as kids. My best friends were never afraid to experiment and they always showed up covered in jewelry and it looked so incredible. In England, it’s a bit more minimal because I was out in the countryside. So I think my memories of England are a bit minimal in terms of being decorated with jewelry. But if you associate this with London, anything goes. So I feel like sometimes it's a bit bolder because people tend to dress up a bit more there, on a day-to-day basis. Whereas in France, it's definitely streamlined and classic like ‘how do you look that chic’, you know?

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier

V: Let’s talk a bit about your most recent projects—what do you think your characters Emily from "Emily in Paris" and Rita from "Mank" would wear from the Clash [Un] Limited collection?

LC: Oh, Emily would love that glove watch just because it's so incredible! She'd be afraid to wear it because I think she’d probably feel like she'd lose it but I think that she would love to wear it. Emily would also get a kick out of the rings that go in between your fingers. I think that Rita is a very empowered, strong, and feminine woman who I think the Cartier Panthère is a good representation of. I know that when the Panthère was first incorporated into jewelry, it represented freedom and elegance. It was quite revolutionary at the time for women and I feel like Rita was a little ahead of her time in how vocal and bold she was and how unafraid she is to say what she feels.

Lily Collins | Courtesy of Cartier
Credits: All Images Courtesy of Cartier


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