Exclusive: Reebok Enlists Tyler Ross for #SplitFrom Campaign

Exclusive: Reebok Enlists Tyler Ross for #SplitFrom Campaign

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Exclusive: Reebok Enlists Tyler Ross for #SplitFrom Campaign

V chatted with White Trash Tyler on his partnership with Reebok and have a first look at the #SplitFrom campaign and zine.

V chatted with White Trash Tyler on his partnership with Reebok and have a first look at the #SplitFrom campaign and zine.

Text: AJ Longabaugh

A brand since its inception that has vowed to boldly push the engineering and the boundaries of footwear, Reebok's "Split Cushioning" radically removes the shoe's midsole, crafting an unmatched, enviably light and futuristic-looking sneaker. Developed in the '90s, the Split Cushioning has cemented its place in 2018 as a legacy of forward-thinking, full of youthful edge, creative flair, and innovated energy.

To celebrate the newest member of the Split Cushioning family, the Sole Fury, Reebok has partnered with a squad of visionary young creatives who "embody the same forward-thinking spirit as the sneaker: to #SplitFrom the pack and push culture into the future."

One of those creatives is artist and videographer Tyler Ross who has built his empire, craft, and style under the name White Trash Tyler. Working closely and frequently collaborating with Travis Scott, The Spaghetti Boys, and more, Ross has established himself as not just one to watch, but one whose keen ability to story tell allows for him to capture raw and intimate moments in a singularly focused, inspired way. V chatted with Tyler on being part of Reebok's #SplitFrom campaign, his style, fearlessness, and what his hopes are for the future.

Read our interview with the visionary below and peep a first look at the #SplitFrom zine and the new Sole Fury, launching Nov. 8 on Reebok.com and exclusively at Champs!

What initially inspired you to begin documenting moments using film?

I was working with @gab3 who was using VHS cameras a lot & definitely credit that influence on my work to him. I don’t think film is necessary for all moments though, I prefer to use whatever equipment is available or convenient to the situation.

How would you describe your style?

I try and make films that are reflective of real life or real situations, more documentary style. That’s why I think it’s important to use whatever type of camera you have, because the more real moments and experiences you capture, the easier it will be to tell an honest story in your film. And to me, that’s what helps create timeless work.

Growing up, what did you see yourself as becoming in life?

I never knew exactly, I’ve worked so many jobs and through process of elimination I’ve found myself here. I never pictured myself having one job for my whole life.

 You work with a lot of, what the masses would call, A-list talent. Can you share with me how Travis Scott and others initially approached you and your work?

People usually contact me through Instagram. I guess that’s the modern resume.

 The #SplitFrom campaign focuses in on the spirit and fearlessness of the individuals who are non-conformingly straying from the pack and that are finding raw and genuine ways to push culture into the future. Do you consider yourself a fearless person?

I definitely still have fears... elevators... mayonnaise. I think the fear of failure is what holds people back from pursuing unknown or unplanned career paths. But it just depends how you look at it. I think failing is learning and if you go through life constantly wanting to learn, then there’s nothing to fear.

Can you describe to me some of the inspiration and process of creating these videos with Reebok?

For each video we wanted to spend a day with all of the creatives featured in the zine & show their life/work process. The inspiration was to highlight individuals who have split from the pack and remained true to their artistic vision.

How do you define the term “boundaries” in 2018 and how do you push them?

For film, I would define boundaries as what the industry considers the norm; the norm of how things are supposed to be made. The things I imagine you learn in film school. I didn’t learn this traditional process so naturally, I do things differently.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope my work inspires & motivates. I think music is one of the best art forms for inspiration; for example, an athlete might listen to a song that has nothing to do with sports, but it still motivates them to play harder. For me, I hope to create films that have a similar impact.




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