Exclusive: Scott Studenberg on Baja East's New Collection

Exclusive: Scott Studenberg on Baja East's New Collection

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Exclusive: Scott Studenberg on Baja East's New Collection

The designer talks about his new RTW 2019 collection and his brand's surf-street aesthetic.

The designer talks about his new RTW 2019 collection and his brand's surf-street aesthetic.

Text: Maxwell N. Burnstein

A solo collection from Scott Studenberg of BAJA EAST sees a return to essential style for RTW Spring 2019. Studenberg is using restraint to revive the cultural spark of elevated tracksuits, relaxed stoner t-shirts, to leopard prints that made BAJA EAST a staple of Los Angeles living.

Early adopters of athleisure earned Studenberg praise in the industry. Editors obsessed over the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominees “surf meets street” aesthetic that is still en-vogue. Now at the helm of the loose-luxury label he co-founded (2013) Studenberg moved the business to the West Coast. “For spring 2019 LA has given me some room to breathe, physically, spiritually and mentally,” said Studenberg on producing his second collection since relocating from New York City.

There is a blend between pop and essentialism in the RTW collection for canyon living. Matching separates as a millennial uniform in variations of leopard print, marijuana graphics and pop-culture references. Shimmering dresses for a party in Mykonos to sweatpants for the private jet play to the brands ethos of inspirational living.

Studenberg has built the framework for a successful enterprise with the support of red-carpet and commercial success. As the only voice behind the globally accessible fashion house Studenberg has the ability to share his story as the reference for BAJA EAST.

How has moving to Los Angeles resonated with you in preparing for SS19?

Los Angeles has given me some room to breathe, physically, spiritually and mentally. This collection builds on the first collection I created myself for resort 2019 I went back to the roots of loose-luxe and a unisex core. I added these 90’s Cali references that I say on the daily from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, Clueless, 90210 and Melrose Place. I am so excited for the collection to be produced.

What has been the biggest challenge about relocating from New York City?

The sun has been a big change. It’s almost always sunny here. I was in New York since 2002 and lived all around the city. Midway through I was in an apartment on Wall Street with no light and a stunning view of the brick wall next to me where I made the first patterns and samples for BAJA EAST. I moved here August 2017 and really love living here.

Has this change influenced the loose luxury Baja East is known for?

The change has actually emphasized it. BAJA EAST was always this mix of east meets west. Street meets surf. Now that I live here the influence is different but the mix has not changed. The move has seen fifteen years of grit take on a new meaning with the laid back west coast influence.

Since you’re known for Baja-branded symbols, including credits cards and marijuana leaves, what inspires you to create this type of iconography?

I’ve made things quite personal. My dogs Donatella and Bala were best sellers for Resort. I’m playing with some of my favorite tarot cards. The palm trees that are tatted on my forearms sprinkled down sweat suits. I’m also giving a bit of homage to NYC for Spring 19.

Since you’re known for designing unisex pieces, what are some of the distinguishable menswear looks we can expect this season?

I try to think of things guy’s don’t already have in their closets. Updates on that new black sweat suit, a business to red carpet jacket, or a fun graphic tee that any schooled thirty-plus year-old has been wanting to wear.

Over the course of your growing business, demand has continued to increase and with that said I’ve noticed a shift in terms of price points. Was this intentional to allow your demographic to purchase your clothes?

The awesome thing about our prices being more moderate is that everyone can buy more. A massive amount of people who used to just be fans of the brand can actually buy something full price without hesitating. It’s a great feeling.

What do you want people to feel when they wear Baja East?

Comfortable but Sexy. I feel like most people’s idea of sexy can be quite uncomfortable which is the opposite of how I feel. I’ve never felt comfortable in a fitted suit. When I’m not chill it has an impact on my confidence and sexiness. The epitome of loose luxe.

Website: www.bajaeast.com

Instagram: scottlovespalmtrees

Check out the collection below!

Credits: Cover Image by Nio Vardan Collection Images Via Baja East


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